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CVS / SEP. 11, 2014
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Creating a Resume the Right way - Infographic

A resume can be a key determinant of career success as it can easily make or break an employment opportunity.  Don’t assume that your LinkedIn profile is just enough to sell your skill set to employers. The overwhelming majority of employers are not willing to hire a candidate without a resume. Also, it usually takes as little as 6 seconds for recruiters to get an idea of whether a candidate is the right fit for the job.  

In order to make the best impression to a recruiter, you have to focus on every single detail of your resume.

What to keep in mind…

-          When saving your resume, consider using your name and the name of the position you are applying for.

-          Include relevant contact information on the top part of your resume

-          Write a concise objective and adjust it according to who the employer is

-          Highlight your skill set on the top part of your resume

-          List your education institution, degree and major details and if necessary, omit listing your year of graduation.

-          Your work experience information should be properly worded, bearing in mind that larger firms use software to search for keywords. You are better off customizing this information based on what each employer looks for. Also , giving a measurable representation of your achievements is a plus: e.g. “Increased sales by 15%”

-          Consider using links that showcase your work either in a form of a slideshow or a video.

-          Although references are optional, make sure your listed referees will give you an awesome recommendation.

Have a digital resume?

-          Make sure your resume is readable on different browsers by visiting the site on several browsers and different computers.

-          Always check links

-          Gain exposure by posting your resume on sites related to your industry

What to avoid:

-          Generic cover letters

-          Not fine-tuning your resume (no colour, bold type or interesting spacing)

-          Using fancy headings and colours

-          Not narrowing the focus of your resume on the field you want to break into

-          Making your resume too personal (giving too many personal details)

Check out this infographic by Degree Query to explore more interesting insights about what makes a resume stand out in order to be seen as a dedicated, highly marketable and capable job candidate.

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