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WEB & TECH / APR. 27, 2014
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Creating An Impact: Best Tips For Enhancing Digital Customer Experience

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Two decades ago, all companies had to worry about was their website. Social media didn’t exist and SEO guidelines weren't difficult to follow. Online marketing was automated and mostly spammed. Furthermore, consumers were fine with low quality websites and content, as this was the standard.

Nowadays, businesses have an entire department dedicated to online presence. Consumers are picky and know what they want. Other elements such as mobile browsing and content blogs must be integrated with a digital customer experience. Public marketing drives crossover to online campaigns and vice versa, allowing the customer to stay plugged in 24/7. Ultimately, these components work together to create a friendly and approachable environment for the customer.

What's The Big Deal About Customer Journey?

Setup reminders. Customers can stop their online journey on your website anytime. To drive the customer journey, ecommerce websites setup reminders via email to let the customer know that he or she has a product waiting in the cart. Reminders can help your customer jump right back where they left off, completing the online journey.

Testimonials, call to actions and reviews. Guiding your customer through your website is difficult without a representative. Because of this, businesses use personal elements such as reviews and testimonials to help a customer make decisions. These elements are usually placed at pivotal points in the website, after a service or product description.

Invest in quality content. To complement a well-mapped online journey, businesses invest in quality content. Images, videos and articles are the most common types of content that can boost customer experience. Companies that realize the importance of quality content have a dedicated team that churns out research and analytics.

How Can I Boost Digital Customer Experience For My Business?

Dominate the customer’s surroundings. Designing a sensory experience for your website is great, but you also need to be present outside the online world. For example, if you’re providing an online editing solution for pictures, you may look into extending your presence to other relevant channels such as kiosks and photo exhibits.

Keep the structure simple. We all want to keep customers browsing through our website as long as possible. But if it’s for all the wrong reasons, then it could do more harm than good.

Is your sign-up form too long? Is your company’s Facebook page filled with random content that takes hours to go through? These components can quickly deplete a customer’s focus and attention.

Listen to your customers. You don’t have to waste time brainstorming and running endless tests. To cut the process short, send out surveys and ask for feedback. Gather information directly from the source (your customers). If your customers are getting stuck somewhere during their journey, you may need to reach out to them personally.

Consider outside elements. Go beyond the design and consider your customer’s environment and surroundings. Is your website being viewed through a mobile phone during commutes? Are loud elements turning off your customers as they view your website on a tablet before going to bed? Addressing these concerns can help customers get the most out of your online presence.

Supplement your conversion funnel. Your conversion funnel contains information that will tell you exactly what customers want. A fully customized funnel addresses the following questions in relation to digital customer experience:

  • Why should customers care about my brand?
  • Why should customers trust or believe in my product or service?
  • Where will they start or end their journey?

To conclude, a complete digital customer experience cannot be contained online. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must establish your business in a creative manner without being too intrusive on the environment of your customers.

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