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How to Crowdfund Your Next Travel Adventure

travel adventure

A lot of people are personally aware of how it feels when they work very hard toward their travel goals and to literally see it unfold before their very eyes. It can be an exhilarating experience. However, sometimes you will find golden opportunities pop up and you don’t have the money to seize the chance of a lifetime. What do you do to get to that milestone when you don’t have the appropriate finance to see your dream unfold? Crowdfunding is one way that people are funding their travel.

The Fundamentals of Crowdfunding

Kickstarter is a platform used by many people familiar with crowdfunding. People who use this platform may be trying to fund a film venture, create a new gadget, new app or get their music career going. Whatever you use this platform to accomplish, the model is quite simple. This is for people who need money to finish a project and they are unable to find the money on their own. Other individuals contribute their money to this project in exchange for some type of benefit that they will derive from your project such as a copy of the film, gadget or music album. Those who become involved in your campaign or project will often settle for perks such as behind-the-scenes appearances, individual rewards, recognition and a chance to meet you personally.

Travel Platform

For travel, the basic model is similar, but not the same platform. You will be requesting contribution for your travel experience in exchange for some type of intangible compensation from you. Indiegogo is a better platform for crowdfunding related to travel. This platform offers all types of crowdfunding campaigns. You would place your campaign in a specific category related to travel such as ‘community.’

In the case of travel, people are funding an experience and not just a product. Therefore, the steps are going to be significantly different. Crowdfunding for tangible products means that cash will be involved later on and this will spark the interest of the contributor more so than the travel experience.

The Returns for Travel Fundraising

On the Indiegogo website, you will see travel campaigns with many thank-you postcards of $15. You will also see T-shirts with $40 rewards. Travel campaigns are considered to be charitable causes because you may be fulfilling something of meaning to the contributor – participating in something that they couldn’t. However, to get more responses and set yourself apart, you can create better rewards than T-shirts and thank-you cards. Find out what your talents, skills and interests are. Then find out what the contributor (who doesn’t personally know you) would give their hard-earned money for. Are you good at essay writing? Are you a social media guru? Do you develop websites? If you can show proof of this in links and images, then you could offer your services as a personal reward to your contributors. For instance, you could offer to build a customized blog in exchange for $100. This is an excellent reward for people who are not computer savvy. You could offer to write one or more blog posts for $50 and go even a step further to submit the posts to various online channels for another $50. Be creative with your talent and skills. Before you know it, you will be on your way to your next travel adventure.

Campaign Promotion

Once you decide what you will do, it is time to promote the campaign on your Facebook page, on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Ask your fans and followers to share it with their friends. Before long, you will have a viral campaign and enough money to embark on your travel adventure.

Be committed to your cause and your travel goals. Remember, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Don’t overdo it. Use crowdfunding cautiously and honestly.

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