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Curbing Time Wastage at Work

You get to your desk twenty minutes late. Upon arrival your chatty friend in the office comes over and engages you in a conversation for over 30 minutes. When you finally open your computer to begin working, something catches your attention; a new picture shared by one of your Facebook friends. You decide to look it up and in the process more posts and status updates present themselves. Before you know it, it is already noon having done nothing constructive.

With the World Wide Web, comes a lot of stuff that can be done online. There is a wide range of options to choose from including social media, purchase of goods and services, reading news articles, keeping up with fashion and entertainment trends, and many more. Time wastage is almost inevitable at work if we don’t deliberately stay focused and be disciplined individuals. A recent survey done on this issue showed that people waste time making use on the internet on websites that are not work related because of the following reasons;

• Boredom

• Lack of enough challenge

• Extremely long hours

• Lack of incentive to work harder

• Lack of satisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be this way at all. Time management is paramount to realizing our own career goals. If you have a deeper understanding of what time wastage does to you personally, you would take a U-turn and change your habits. Most successful people have told us time and again that time is precious. This does not only apply to business owners but to employees as well. Look as a few tips on managing your time at work;

1. People Pleasing

In order to be at peace and work well with fellow workers, holding conversations with them is unavoidable. This however does not mean that we please them at the expense of our own productivity. Say no to unnecessary meetings, conversations or fieldwork that work to only waste your time, without worrying if it causes someone to stop liking you.

2. Look at your Time Data

This especially works for those who waste time on the internet. Take a few days and analyze how you spend your time at work. Remember that you are accountable to yourself so ensure you don’t fudge the numbers. You will be surprised at the amount of time you spend doing unproductive stuff.

3. Carry Your own Lunch

Unless your firm offers lunch at work, you will agree with me that going out for lunch especially with your co-workers can take really long. This is because there are conversations involved, walking or driving at a slower pace and orders taking too long to be processed. Packing your own food does not only curb time wastage but is also healthy and economical.

4. Get the Information

Time wastage also results from not being clear of the tasks you are meant to do. When you pause, it is likely that you will procrastinate or avoid the task completely. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what you are required to do, why not pick up the phone or walk into the office of your boss, coworker or manager and seek clarity on what is making you get stuck.

5. Habits

We have habits that work for us to ensure productivity at work. When you arrive at work, taking a cup of coffee, answering E mails, working on quotation then preparing reports could be what your order of tasks. Honor the habits to avoid interruptions in form of you tube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

“Most of our time-wasters result from a courage problem, not a time problem.”

Steve Chandler


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