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CVS / JAN. 22, 2016
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How to Customize Your Resume to Get the Job

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How to Write a Customer Service Resume
CVS / OCT 21, 2014

Working in a customer service career can be rewarding and difficult all in one shot. But when it comes to getting a job, you must be able to write a resume that shows...

cvs and resumes get them right to get the job infographic
CVS / FEB 17, 2016

Creating a winning resume is vital to making a great first impression on potential employers. Your resume is the document that will help you present a summary of your...

Meet the Parents
CVS / AUG 16, 2015

Statistics from the Canadian Society of Human Resource Managers suggested that 53% of people lie on their CV, and a whopping 70% of graduates would consider lying if...

How to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile
CVS / MAR 02, 2015

The secret to getting your resume to the top of the pile depends on your ability to present yourself the most effectively and ultimately standing out from the...

How to Get Your Resume to the Right Person
CVS / DEC 29, 2014

When sending your resume to prospective employers you want to make sure that the right person will get it. If the hiring manager doesn’t receive your resume, chances are...

happy woman holding phone
CVS / MAY 01, 2016

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t be telling lies in any situation. But when it comes to looking for a job, some lying is allowed. Even though anyone would agree that...

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