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InfoInformation your CV writer will be requesting

  • Identification – proper and full name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address you wish to be displayed, LinkedIn page etc.
  • Work History - dates of employment, company names, position at the company, main job duties.
  • Education – dates of studies, level of qualifications, grades obtained and subjects studied; your thesis, project or dissertation title accompanied with a small summary.
  • Professional Skills – technical skills/attributes which relate to your preferred career path, e.g. telephone sales, copywriting.
  • Other Skills – generic skills such as teamwork, communication skills, leadership, organisational skills and how you met these (think of short stories).
  • Management Skills – applies to senior/executive level positions; needs to present evidence of management ability e.g. team of personnel or department.
  • Languages – dates of studies, subjects studied and level of proficiency.
  • Awards & Honours – any certificates from your time of studies, community based, or professionally.
  • Volunteering – any type of volunteer work, dates and job title/position.
  • Achievements - must show a positive-can-do attitude; added value to previous employer(s), in what ways you made a difference, any initiatives as a student or employee. Provide detailed information e.g. figures/numbers that show your contribution.
  • Memberships – dates of studies/membership, name of institution, level of qualifications, subjects studied.
  • Interests/Hobbies –include unique interests e.g. sports, extracurricular activities that show you are a well-rounded person.
  • References – names and contact details of two referees (tutor/previous employer), job title, name of institution/company (this is mostly applicable for recent graduates).
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