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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss


Dealing with a bad boss seems to be a common experience that nearly everyone shares. Dealing with a bad boss can drain you of all your mental, physical and emotional energy leaving you feeling barren on the inside. What may make things worst is if this boss is causing you to hate a job that you once treasured and enjoyed. Bad experiences with a boss can make any employee run for the hills in search of a new job. However, there are other options available to you that can make dealing with a bad boss easier.

Two Wrongs, No Rights

One of the biggest mistakes that employees make is to deal with a difficult boss, in a confrontational way. You should never allow your boss’ behavior to cause you to lose your cool. This lesson in self discipline can serve you in the long run. Many people may begin to slack off at their work and blame their lack in performance on their boss’ behavior. However, the best course of action is to stay focused on providing great service for the customer. Always make the customer’s satisfaction your top priority under any circumstances. Though the behavior your boss may be exhibiting is unfair, by constantly providing top notch service you will boost your own brand. 

Speak Up, Never Pipe Down

Another huge mistake that is made by employees is feeling that their voices or input are not important to the progression of the company. You should never allow a difficult boss to make you feel as if you are not valued or important. As an employee you have an invaluable position to help promote the brand, assist the customers and carry out daily business. If you have any questions or concerns about the practices of a business, it is always important that you speak up. Bringing certain problems to light will allow your supervisors or boss to get a better understanding of how the business is doing. Remember to always be respectful when speaking up and use specific examples instead of general ones. 

Never Bow To a Bully

Though this topic is rarely talked about there are some bosses that rule with an iron fist(or iron tounge). They derive their power from making their employees afraid of them and will often speak in very loud tones. If you find that your boss is a bully, the best thing to do is to stand your ground. If you are doing the very best job that you can do then hold your head up high no matter what. Though many employees believe that keeping a low profile will help them get along with the boss, it is actually reinforcing the bad behavior. If you feel the need to confront the bad behavior, keep in mind that things can go south very quickly. Always keep a cool demeanor, but be prepared for a fall out. Keep in mind what options you have available to you and always have an exit strategy. If you are fired from the job always keep in mind that your experience there can be used to help another, more pleasant company. 

Looking Back: Dealing With Difficult Boss

When dealing with a difficult boss there are a number of things to take away from the experience. One of the most beneficial traits you can gain from this experience is discipline. With discipline and determination you can push on through any problems you may experience. Also, this experience can help you in building your own company. Observing a difficult boss can teach you how to be a fairer one.

When dealing with bad behavior from your boss you should always remain professional and never escalate a problem. Aside from standing your ground and speaking up, you should also be prepared to deal with the consequences of defending your points. Many difficult bosses are simply bullies who never want their views challenged. By following these tips you will be able to successfully deal with a difficult boss. 

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