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Decorate Your Office for Halloween in 5 Minutes

Whether you’re on a tight budget or a tight schedule, this DIY video is perfect for creating easy and fun Halloween decorations that are appropriate for the office. 


1. Black Jack

Though you may want to avoid using a real pumpkin (it may start to smell after a bit), using a cheap plastic pumpkin will have much the same effect. Likewise, you can usually buy a pumpkin that’s already black. 

If you do use a real pumpkin, spray paint the entire thing black, including the stem. Remember to spray the pumpkin outdoors. Let the pumpkin air dry thoroughly before taking it in to the office to avoid that paint smell. This simple decoration looks particularly classy next to some smaller pumpkins (real or fake) that are carved for lightning, as shown in the video.


2. White Pumpkins

On the same token, white pumpkins are becoming increasingly popular for more adult Halloween decorations. They look great with just about everything and can really brighten a space that might otherwise be too dreary with existing decorations.

Simply follow the same steps with the Black Jack using white spray paint. Again, remember to let the pumpkin thoroughly air dry. Feel free to follow the video and buy some foam words to glue on the fronts of your pumpkin.


3. Bottle candles

Taking some plain bottles from a craft store, simply stick some candles in the tops to create a spooky feel. 

If real candles might be a little hazardous, consider buying battery-powered electric candles. Since you can’t really cut electric candles, plan on buying different sized bottles just in case. If you use real candles, trim them according to the video.


4.  Bag lanterns

These are great for smaller office spaces. Buy a package a brown paper lunch bags and a package of tea lights. Place the tea lights in the paper bags to create some ambient lighting along your row of cubes, or follow the instructions in the video to create cute bag’o’lanterns.

The second method might take a bit, especially if you’re making a bunch of these.


5. Spooky ghosts


Using cheese cloth and foam spheres from a craft store, follow the instructions in the video above. These are a very office-friendly way to hang ghosts throughout your cube or office. Use black felt to cut out and create cute or spooky faces. 

Use wire to hang the ghosts or create gangly arms.


These cute DIYs are perfect for the office or your cube. They’re appropriate for all ages and celebrate the holiday spirit without being cheesy or unprofessional. These decorations look best when they’re all put together, so consider going all out for your office this year!


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