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Direct Marketing Yourself

direct marketing

If you are a Freelancer or Consultant, you know how important it is to get the word out and let others know what you do. This means that you have to take the initiative to search for your own clients. This is an ongoing process since some projects can be temporary. So you should strive to have more than one client at a time. The question is how you approach these clients and the methods that you use.

Direct Marketing

The methods and approach used is similar to direct marketing which is a more traditional physical method of marketing. This can be quite intimidating for many people, but it is necessary. Many people don’t like to market themselves because of fear of rejection or they might consider it to be shady. Some clients don’t like to deal with pushy salespeople. So the right approach is important. Direct marketing can be an effective way to gain more clientele, if you know how to do it.

While you may still be blogging, getting some referrals from past clients or interacting on social media, you should still position yourself strategically in the market for new business to come to you. You just cannot depend entirely on the inbound marketing methods to gain new clients. Direct marketing allows you to reach out to prospective clients rather than waiting on them to approach you.

However, you should ensure that the direct marketing approach produces good results. Below are some strategies that you should consider.

Conduct Research

Never send out blind marketing emails to just any company. When you see a business that would benefit from your services, be sure to look up the business to learn more about the company’s background, mission statement, objectives and services offered. This way you will know how to approach the company.

For example, when you contact a business to offer your consulting services, you should first visit the company’s website, blog and social media accounts. With this research, you will have a better idea of what you can do for this company and whether or not, you are a good fit.

The Influencer

Make sure you contact the person who makes the hiring decisions. If you are making a pitch to a large corporation, it is best to contact the marketing department and not customer service. If you are interested in a small business or startup business, speak to the founder of the company. Take the extra step of searching for these influencers or decision-makers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

A Personalized Approach

Use the research information that you came up with to customize a personalized message. This will prove to the potential client that you went to lengths to research the company. This means that in your message you will mention specific information that you found out about the company including specific blog posts or tweets.

For instance, if you saw where the company has cited winning an award of some sort, you would include a congratulatory note in the message. Be sincere about it. In most cases, the potential client will be impressed and appreciative of this and will be more motivated to give a response.

Offer Customized Suggestions

Give genuine compliments about the company’s website and possible solutions on how you can either make the website better by providing valuable content or more exposure. Be specific with possible steps that you would take to improve the company’s bottom line. It could be as simple as formatting instructions or helpful advice on better website navigation.

Research, tailored solutions and a personalized approach will get your foot in the door. That’s all you want initially. Once you do a great job with your first assignment, you will likely get more projects. Good luck!

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