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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 22, 2014
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How to do a Long-Distance Job Hunt

You’ve found yourself in a right pickle here haven’t you? You need to find a job in a city that you don’t even live in. That’s impossible you say. Well, you’re wrong! It may be difficult but it certainly isn’t impossible. As long as you’re organised and honest with potential employers there shouldn’t be a problem.

Work out your time frame

This is the first step in finding a brilliant job in a faraway place. Let’s say you’re moving in around 3 months’ time. Applying for jobs now would more than likely be a royal waste of your precious time. A good time to start applying would be around 4-6 weeks in advance. The reason being is that many employers receive applications for about a month, or at least a couple of weeks, before they start the interview process. So, you’ll be able to walk into an interview (and hopefully a job) as soon as you move to your chosen destination.

And don’t be an idiot, applying for jobs with an immediate start when you’re not even there yet is just plain stupid.

Be upfront

Make sure you explain your (be it somewhat unfavourable) circumstances in your cover letter or application. Otherwise you may just get a phone call inviting you to an interview the next day and unless you’ve magically sprouted a pair of wings, there’s no way on this earth you’re getting to the other side of the country in that time.

Remember that the employer might be a lazy git too and simply choose the easier options from the pool of applicants. So, you have to make life easy for them. Put in the exact date of when you’re moving and/or when you can start working. Add to that exactly when you can be contacted and when you can attend an interview.

Make use of the internet

With no teleporting device to hand, you’ll have to make use of the next best thing – the awesome power of the internet. Applying for jobs online has never been so simple. Here’s a list of the sites you’ll find yourself trawling for hours over the coming weeks:

  • LinkedIn – A profile on this site is a must-have for every professional. What better way to add that extra oomph to your skillset than with a few endorsements?
  • Gumtree – This is your haven for finding local listings. Try the somewhat creepier Craigslist too.
  • Reed, Indeed, SimplyHired blah blah blah all the other great job sites out there.

As well as using the world wide wed to hunt down job opportunities, you can make use of it in the next stages too. Skype interviews may be your best (or only) option at this point.

Make use of contacts

There will be a few lucky so and so’s out there who have been around the block before. If you know people in the area you’re moving to then why not get them to give you a helping hand in your job hunt? They may just know someone who knows someone who knows someone else that can give you the opportunity of a lifetime… Or they can have a look through the local paper for you.

Pay a visit

Last but not least you’re going to need to pay a visit to your future hometown at some point, which you really shouldn’t be opposed to seeing as you’re the one that’s going to be moving there. If circumstances allow, spend a few days there attending interviews or networking. Be sure to schedule several appointments within the timeslot you have.

And if all else fails don’t move. Just kidding! If all else fails, you’re going to have to go into overdrive when you get there and hunt for jobs like there’s no tomorrow! 

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