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Do Women Really Care about a Guy’s Bank Account?

One stereotype commonly perpetuated in today’s society is that, while men are only interested in a pretty face and hot body, women only care about the size of a man’s bank account. Just as men would (hopefully!) feel insulted to be told that personality, intelligence and belief systems do not matter in their search for a potential partner. It is offensive to think that women only care about such a superficial quality in a potential mate.

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Women’s Place in Society Has Changed

Women’s place in society has progressed significantly over the past several decades. In the past, women were often relegated to the home and, with no income of their own, therefore needed to choose a husband who would act as a provider and breadwinner - which meant value was indeed placed on how much money he earned. While it is true that some women will still pursue this more traditional path of finding a man to support them before devoting their life to raising children and maintaining their home, these women are few and far between.

Women have progressed socially and economically to achieve a greater sense of autonomy. Furthermore, the average age of marriage has increased which has resulted in women learning to manage their own finances, purchasing their own properties and accumulating their own assets. Rather than being the exception, it is now often assumed that women will achieve strong financial independence by the time they decide to settle down and get married. They no longer need a knight in shining armour to come in and save the day.

In many cases, women often earn more than their partners. This means that the size of a man’s bank account has diminished in importance as a desirable quality in favour of other, less superficial characteristics.

Financial Stability

Of course, women will usually expect some degree of financial stability when they are looking to date or settle down with a man - just as a man would expect from a woman. This means that homelessness, a career as a crack dealer, or a place of residence based entirely within your parents’ basement are probably not the most desirable characteristics to possess when attempting to woo someone.

Having a stable income alongside some semblance of a savings account demonstrates that you are responsible, reliable and a forward-planner. Also, having a car, a place to live, and enough money to socialise without relying on the woman to pay for everything are appropriate basic expectations for both genders. Being passionate about your job demonstrates that you have ambition and drive that, to the right woman, will count for much more than your salary. All of the above are undeniably attractive qualities to possess.

Women do not need to be taken out to fancy restaurants every night of the week. But it would be worrying if their man had to scrounge around behind the sofa to pull together enough coins to buy a value meal at the nearest fast food joint.

There are numerous qualities women look for ahead of a bursting bank account, such as intelligence, kindheartedness, loyalty, respect and a good sense of humour. From a superficial perspective, appearance could even be seen as more important than how much money someone earns.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

As someone who has personally been involved with a very wealthy man, I can promise you that no amount of lavish vacations, expensive gifts and extravagant fine-dining experiences can replace great conversation and amazing chemistry. 

That said, there are always going to be some emotionally bankrupt gold-diggers out there who are willing to sacrifice all of the aforementioned qualities purely for the sake of a life of luxury, just as there will always be men who are only interested in having a piece of arm candy. The trick is to establish early on if your date is genuinely interested in you, or in the number of zeros in your bank account.

If a woman only cares about your bank account, she is not the type of woman you should be wasting your time with. There are better women out there who will appreciate all of the other, less shallow qualities you can offer!

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Have you ever been involved with a woman who was only interested in the size of your bank account? How did you deal with the situation?

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