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WORKPLACE / AUG. 23, 2013
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Do You Consider Yourself a Workaholic?

Any word related to the word “aholic” is usually not a good thing. Alcoholic, shopaholic, chocaholic, textaholic, etc. Workaholic used to be included in that group, but lately I have been thinking that workaholic is more of an aspirational term than a negative label. Some people actually like being called a workaholic. Do we really aspire to be called workaholics?

Workaholism is more of a compliment than a disease. It is most prevalent amongst doctors, lawyers and psychologists. Though workaholics say they have no choice when it comes to working that hard, it is really their decision to be that devoted to work.

Is the whole workaholic label just a way to actually make us feel better about being obsessed with our jobs? But there also seems to be this desperate need to prove to others that you are super busy, because that translates into importance.

Lately being stressed out and talking about being stressed out has become some sort of proof of our importance, a war wound. We use the fact that we are busy problem and calling ourselves workaholics as an excuse to take responsibility for anything that isn’t part of our job.

Essentially, we use workaholism as an excuse to get out of being responsible. “Oh, I couldn’t bring a dessert to the dinner party because I was too busy working” or “I am going to wear this pajama top to work because I was up late last night with that project”. In a way, being a workaholic allows you to be more selfish. Research has found that there is a strong link between characteristics associated with narcissists and characteristics associated with workaholics.

It is wonderful to love your job and be devoted to it, but don’t aspire to become "addicted". You may work a lot but using that as an excuse for other issues in your like will not work forever. 


Do you consider yourself a workaholic? What do you think about workaholics? 

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