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Does Office Temperature Affect Productivity? – Infographic

The impact of weather and temperature on employees is immense. According to the UK’s leading specialist provider of portable air conditioning and cooling products, Andrews Sykes, the result on productivity is huge. Just imagine that 4 in 5 office workers have in general complained about their office temperature, with most employees wasting an average of 10 minutes per day not working properly due to the temperature.

Office temperature battles…

Interestingly, 27% of female employees and 17% of male employees have complained to the management about office temperature.

In the winter, women are twice (34%) as likely to feel cold in an office while men are less likely (22%) to feel too hot in the summer. During hot weather, women are relatively more likely (23%) to leave the office to cool down than men (20%).  In order to cope with hot temperatures, 37% of female workers bought their own fan to stay cool in the workplace whereas 26% of men did so.

Employees who found their office to be too hot in the summer were in East Anglia (32.22%), East Midlands (32.31%), Scotland (30.63%) and South West of England (30.53%). On the contrary, employees who found their office to be too cold in the winter were in Wales (35.59%), Scotland (30%) and East Midlands (32.31%).

How Hot and Cold Offices Affect Employees’ Productivity

- Millenials (18-24 year olds) were twice as likely to prolong lunches compared to their older colleagues (55+), though baby boomers admitted to taking longer breaks.

- Office staff aged 45-54 admitted to taking the longest lunch breaks.

- Less than 25% of employees had a relaxed dress code during hot weather. These employees were more likely to work overtime.  

Check out the infographic by Andrews Sykes to find out more interesting facts such as mens’ and womens’ attitudes about office temperature and how they handle different situations, what factors impact on temperature and so on…

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