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Does Your Personal Style Match Your Job?

We all go through phases; for some of us they are socially appropriate and for others there are a bit deviant (like piercing anything that can be pierced…yes, even that). But even though we grow up and our personal style and fashion evolves, it never stops being a piece of our personality and often the first thing people see (unless you live in a nudist colony, and then they see much more). So, taking those things into consideration does your personal style match your job?

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Go to a Mirror

First things first, go to mirror. I can see from that ratty tartan shawl and sweat-pants combination that you don’t do it that often, but trust me. Okay, so look at yourself hard and long, what do you see? Do you see a person that fits your responsibilities, or someone that might or might not be homeless but is definitely deranged? Well, obviously that just won’t do; we’ve all heard the tired old cliché: dress for the job that you want, well it holds true for the job you currently have also. You can’t be in charge of dozens of people and look like you just woke up with a hung-over after exchanging clothes with Gary Busey during a binge.


Sure, in recent years (since the advent of younger staffed tech companies) the corporate suit has been replaced with a more business casual dress and in some cases, completely forgone for much more casual attire. Of course, there is also a little pocket of exception set up for creative people- it’s hard to express yourself when you’re stuffed into a store bought suit. Of course, this can go in the complete opposite direction if you have an immediate contact with clients and customers, such as real estate agents, banking clerks and lawyers that meet with clients. Generally, you want to follow the company’s “culture”; if no one is wearing leopard yoga pants then you shouldn’t either. I don’t care how comfortable they are in the crotchal area.


Tattoos, piercings and other jangling bits and bobs should be displayed or worn carefully. If there is a disconcerting lack of visible tattoos then you might want to cover up that ink. I know, you spent thousands of dollars on them, but you should have thought about that before you finished your degree in corporate law. There is not a crooked CEO in the world that will risk home arrest after embezzling millions of tax-payers’ dollars if they see you with tattoos all up and down your arms. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you will have to golf in long sleeve shirts and pants for the rest of your life (or for as long as you are a corporate lawyer). Beyond that, if your jewelry makes more noise than a cowboy with spurs, maracas and two pockets full of pennies and your office appreciates quiet (or even worse demands it due to the mentally demanding nature of the job) you might want to go for more silent accessories.

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Are there any other personal style tips you can think of for young professionals? Let us know in the comment section below.

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