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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

It's increasingly important to have a Facebook page to spread the word out about a business, company, product, community, cause, public figure, or organization. As well as a platform for sharing ideas, information and chatting; Facebook has also become an important internet marketing tool. An issue many marketers often deal with though is how to drive more traffic to their Facebook pages. Here we will look at some useful tips and tricks, to get more people to visit your Facebook page and how to get more likes from those people.

Regularly post new, interesting content and optimize your posts
Make compelling posts on a regular basis. Use nice photos and short text, as people usually do not read long text. Posting a video every so often is also an option. As you get more likes on your page, perhaps try asking people questions from time to time; comments under the posts will bring more views. Post at the time of the day when a lot of people are online. If you are posting a link, upload the picture to the post first, so that the photo appears bigger. When posting appealing photos, you can enlarge them so that they attract more attention to the page.

Spread the information about your Facebook page

If you have a website or a blog, put a Facebook button on them; this will help to drive people to your Facebook site. If you have videos on YouTube, which are related to the content of your Facebook page, put a link to your Facebook page into the description below the video on YouTube. Put links to your Facebook page, or Facebook buttons elsewhere on the internet, where you have related content. If you do not have content related to your Facebook page on the internet, create some and link it to your Facebook page. If you have products and promotional material related to your Facebook page, you can include the address of your Facebook page there too.

Share your content on the walls of other Facebook pages
Perhaps one of the most successful ways to get more traffic to your Facebook page for free is sharing your content on the walls of other Facebook users pages. Use appealing content for this purpose. A nice photo with short text in the image, or a nice photo with short text posted with the photo. Sharing an appealing video is also an option. When sharing on walls of other pages, use images in a square format, this way the picture gets less minimized and the text on the picture appears bigger.

Have your Facebook page optimized
The name of your Facebook page should be short, attractive and easy to remember.
The URL of your Facebook page can be altered, but only once. Make it short and easy to remember, perhaps with the same words as the name of your Facebook page. For example, if the title of your Facebook page is Page Title, use the URL (address) www.facebook.com/PageTitle or www.facebook.com/Page.Title. It's perfectly ok not to use the separators, but if you decide to use them, then using dots as separators between the words in the address of your Facebook page is the best option.
The About section of your Facebook page should not be longer than 140 characters and it should include keywords.
Under Page info, choose the correct category for your Facebook page.

Use high quality profile and cover photo
It's important that your Facebook page looks nice and appealing. For this reason use high quality, appealing photo for your profile and cover photo.

Purchasing paid promotion is also an option
If you have a budget, you can use the Promote Page or Boost post options, that Facebook offers as paid services, to increase the traffic to your page.

Wishing you a lot of joy and success with your Facebook page!


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