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SALARIES / AUG. 21, 2014
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How to Earn Regular Income From Your T-shirt Designs at Teespring

Teespring is an online opportunity that allows you to make money from high quality printed t-shirts. It’s entirely free of risk because you pay nothing upfront for the production and distribution of your products.

To get started all you have to do is upload your own design or create one from a selection of clipart and fonts available on the site. Any art you upload will be reviewed by Teespring to make sure it is of suitable quality for the screen printing process.

Designs must be original but you don’t have to create your own original art. You may adapt an existing design, enough to make it unique, so it will not break any rules of copyright.

You can also pick the brand of t-shirt you want to have printed, from quality labels such as American Apparel, Spectra, Next Level Canvas and Hanes.

No matter how many customized t-shirts you create and sell, there is absolutely no investment involved and no upfront fee required. All profits from sales are paid to you at the end of each successful campaign.

What Happens During A Campaign?

A successful campaign can run from 3 days to 21 days. Here’s what happens:

o    You use the tools at to make or upload your own original design

o    You set a goal for the minimum number of t-shirts you intend to sell

o    You give your design a title and write a brief description of the t-shirt

o    You promote your t-shirt design, up to the day your campaign ends 

o    T-shirts are produced and supplied to customers

How Are T-shirts Produced?

Teespring arranges everything from the screen printing to shipping t-shirts direct to your customers. The money for this comes out of the price paid by the customers. All sales are handled through and you do not pay anything.

Who Sets The Selling Price?

You decide how much profit you want to make from the t-shirts you design. You pick a selling price for each design and type of t-shirt you create. Teespring will take a small fee and recover the cost of production and shipping. The rest is all profit for you.

How are Profits Paid?

Sellers who live in the US can receive payments by check or through PayPal. International sellers are paid using PayPal. Anyone who is unable to open a PayPal account can contact Teespring to make alternative arrangements.

How Easy is Selling T-Shirts Online?

Your own designs will be featured on and, to reach your sales goal, you need to promote your own customized t-shirts. You can get orders by using your social media accounts atFacebook, Twitter andPinterest. In addition, you could bring in more orders from social bookmarking sites, content creation sites, YouTube and other social networks.

Provided that you never spam, you can use any reliable method to find customers for your customized t-shirts. Some of the best free marketing methods include press releases, blogging, email campaigns and article marketing.

By promoting or advertising your design online you might easily have passed your goal before the end of a campaign. You keep the profit from each successful campaign and there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can start at

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