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How to Eat Your Work Stress Away

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1. Oily Fish
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If you have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, this can drag your positive mood into a depression. To boost your omega-3 levels, introduce salmon, tuna and other oily fish into your weekly diet.

According to studies on how work and lifestyle can influence stress levels, it seems that the seasons also play a pivitol role in a person’s mood. If you, like so many others, suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) whereby a lack of sun can dramatically lower your ‘happy’ hormones, and if you are not fortunate enough to relocate to sunnier climates, then eating the right foods may be your answer!

Certain foods are known to make a big impact on your mood; I’m not talking about the 2 minute ‘rush’ you get when eating a MacDonald’s cheese burger, I’m talking about superfoods that are proven to lift your mood. Check out my list of top 'happy foods' that are sure to boost both your energy levels and happiness.

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