FOOD & FITNESS / JUL. 18, 2013
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Eating Your Way to A Good Nights Sleep

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1. Milk
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This is one habit that should be built into you since your childhood - drinking some milk before bed. Milk is one of the best natural products out there that nourishes your body head to toe. Milk contains the amino acids tryptophan, which precedes the chemical serotonin (happiness and well-being feeling). So a warm glass of milk before going to bed can help your system release the right chemicals to drift off.

Insomnia is one of the worst problems faced in today’s modern workplace. Stress levels are high, and employees feel pressured to do more in less time - this has lead to an increasing number of insomnia cases worldwide. Gone are the days when you could lie in bed and drift into dreamland, nowadays it’s a battle of tossing and turning, counting down the hours until it is time to return to your desk.

Want to get rid of this distressing routine? Check out these 5 foods that will ease you into sleep without much effort:

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