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WEB & TECH / AUG. 01, 2015
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Effective Marketing Strategies Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging system that is available on the iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia, Blackberry and Android devices. Basically, the messenger system utilizes your current internet data plan that you are using for email messaging and browsing the internet so that you can stay connected with this app at no extra cost. App users can also create groups, as well as send an unlimited number of messages—including photos, video and audio messages. Originally released in 2009, the WhatsApp messenger was purchased by Facebook in 2014 and had reached over 800 million active users as of April 2015. There are a variety of effective marketing strategies that you can use with WhatsApp and this article will address them.

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1. Interaction with Your Customers

Interacting with your customers on a regular basis is an important aspect in any business marketing strategy. One way that you can effectively utilize the WhatsApp messenger is to create positive interactions with your customers that facilitate continual loyalty to your business. Consider the following tips in utilizing the app for this purpose.

  • Expressing Thanks – You can use the app to send thank you messages to your customers when they have purchased something from your store or ordered online. This will show your customers that you value their patronage and want to keep their business.
  • Product Reviews – Communicating with your customers and asking them for product reviews is an excellent way to obtain genuine opinions about your products as well as a way to get free marketing in an effort to reach potential customers.
  • Promotional Efforts – You can also use this app to stay in communication with your customers to keep them informed of any sales and product promotions that you are currently running. Using technology to reach your customers is important and valuable.
  • Customer Service – Finally, you can use the app to keep in touch with your customers with regard to any customer service issues that they are experiencing. This can become a reliable way to respond to customers in an efficient manner that breeds confidence.

2. Interoffice Marketing Communication

Another important aspect of your marketing efforts is correlated to how well your sales team can disseminate your information to the masses and to current and potential customers. If your team members are not getting out the correct message that is current and related to new sales and promotions, you may lose potential sales and create more issues with your customers. Take a look at how you can use the WhatsApp messenger as an interoffice marketing communication tool.

  • Team Communication – This marketing strategy is a hidden gem for how you can increase effective communication with your team members so that everyone will properly share sales and promotional information with customers. Managers can communicate with the sales team through motivational quotes or comments that motivate them to continue to build their promotional efforts and succeed in sales.
  • Lead Generation – You can stay in contact with your team members through this app to quickly and easily advise them of current leads. They can remain in communication with regard to their lead follow-up and any sales statistics to be provided to the main office.
  • Customer Specific – You can stay in touch with your team members through the group chat to give them pointers on effective customer specific communication. It is important for your team to be reminded of the opportune times to communicate with your customer base. Utilizing this app is the perfect opportunity to create weekly chats with your team members to ensure that this customer communication is proceeding properly and deriving effective results of continued loyalty and increased sales.

3. Simplified Brand Management

Small to mid-sized companies would definitely benefit from utilizing WhatsApp messenger as a means of effective simplified brand management. These smaller companies do not always have the money in the budget to complete high-end brand marketing campaigns. So, by using the technology of this type of app, they can simplify the process and make it something that could be more viable for their business and current budget. Consider some of the following ways to simplify your brand management through WhatsApp.

  • Customer Inclination – When you can ascertain customers’ specific preferences that makes your marketing efforts much easier. The app allows users to keep track of what is and is not working concerning your marketing campaigns. For example, you can use basic interactive messaging and surveys to ascertain your customers’ preferences.

4. Factors to Remember When Using the App

When you use the WhatsApp messenger for your business, there are several factors that you need to remember to continue implementing an effective marketing strategy that gets the results you want. Some of those factors are discussed below.

  • Profile – You will need to add a photo to your profile that will be used as your display picture. Depending on your focus, you can choose to use your company logo for continued brand awareness. If you want to change things up, you can use a photo of the product that you are currently trying to market.
  • Frequency – When sending messages to your customers it is important to remember that you should never send more than one or two messages in a week. Sending any more than that can create a bad impression of your business and promotional tactics and get you blocked by your customers. However, if you or your team members have a closer relationship with some customers, you can send more messages during the week.
  • Messaging – When crafting the messages to be sent out, remember to be concise, but direct in your content. You never want to send out a lengthy message that your customers have no time to read. If you send out a picture or video of your product or service, make sure that you include a corresponding text message. Simply sending a photo or video does not look professional and may only result in confusing your customers. 
  • Group Contact – With regard to messaging groups of customers, it is probably a good idea to refrain from doing that. For example, if you send out a group message to all of your customers, you may have customers exiting the conversation because they do not know the other individuals in the chat and will feel uncomfortable. You can use group messages for customers in certain circumstances, but you need to evaluate each situation on an individual basis.
  • Avoid Spam – Remember to always abide by proper mass message mailing etiquette that is similar to the way you’d handle mass emails. Never participate in spam messaging and only contact customers who have agreed to receive your messages. Basically, do not start messaging arbitrary people with your promotional messages. That can quickly cause you to be blocked by these people and place your business in a negative light—which is counterproductive to what you are trying to do.

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You can effectively increase your interaction with customers by using the WhatsApp messenger and increase their loyalty and continued patronage. The app is also effective in improving communication with your sales team so that they properly disseminate marketing information to customers. Additionally, the app also provides an excellent opportunity to simplify your brand management. Remember to strategize with the profile photo that you choose. Finally, watch the frequency and content of your messaging so that you do not get blocked by your customers.

Have you utilized WhatsApp as an effective marketing strategy for your business? Which strategy did you see the most positive results from?

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