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WORKPLACE / APR. 18, 2013
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Effectively Handling Issues in the Workplace


The workplace can be an enjoyable place, particularly if your line of work is challenging and fulfilling. Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly going to be occasions when you experience stress and frustration within your role and it is important to learn how to deal with those emotions effectively if you are going to successfully perform your job role.

Managing issues as an executive

Workplace stress is something that affects all of us, however for individuals within an executive role it can be particularly stressful to balance your workload in combination with any workplace issues that arise.

An individual working in an executive or managerial position must learn how to professionally conduct themselves at all times. This means learning how to effectively handle any issues that arise within the workplace.

Workplace issues

Workplace issues can range from simple dissagreements about company policy, to full scale workplace bullying. However, the biggest issues to occur are those involving other individuals. Managing a team of individuals is incredibly challenging particularly when you are managing a team of diverse characters with strong opinions and beliefs. Learning how to diplomatically handle issues in the workplace will enable you to build a positive reputation in the workplace and ultimately work your way up the career ladder.

The best way to handle workplace issues is to learn how to communicate. By clearly communicating with your team, this can eliminate many unnecessary issues that often arise as a result of lack of communication.

Be sure to check in with your team to ensure that they are clear on their daily responsibilities. Maintain a document that keeps track of all activities taking place within the office, so that you can easily check back on it at a later date if need be. Oftentimes, issues arise that are addressed but crop up again in the future. By keeping a record of regular workplace occurrences, you can refer back to that list if the issue arises again; to be clear on what plan of action was taken in the first place.

It is always important to let people speak when an issue occurs and to listen to everybody’s point of view. Do not take sides but listen carefully and don’t interrupt. Explain clearly what your intentions are following the discussion.

Unpredictable issues

A number of unpredictable issues will occur in the workplace including technology breakdowns, an important document going missing or stressed co-worker relationships. One of the most important things an individual can do is to remain calm in such a situation and conceive a plan of action that will enable them to professionally deal with the situation. Above all, remaining calm, confident and professional always works better than panicking. 

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