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How to Effectively Work at Home With Small Children

Working from home

Do you work from home and have children? Working at home with small children can be quite a juggling task. Of course, it is not that you don’t love having your children around, but your work is also important to the family income. Finding a way to work around your children is key for maintaining high levels of productivity.

It is time to create a plan on how to efficiently operate a business or work for your boss in your own space with small children. Below are some tips that may help you:

Take Breaks

Just as you would take coffee breaks or visit a co-workers cubicle in between bathroom breaks, it is the same way you can take a break with your kids. Set up an hour play time with your kids or spend several minutes to read a book to them while you are in between conference calls or project assignments. Your kids will love this and probably allow you to finish out your day without too many interruptions. It will also do you some good to refresh your mind before going back to your desk to tackle a major project.

Include an Activity Center in Your Home Office

If your child is a toddler, you could put their activity center in your office. This provides structure for the child. You can add all sorts of games, puzzles, toys, activity books to your child’s play zone. Be sure to add a sleep area because soon enough, your toddler will fall asleep after all that busy playtime. Make sure that everything is easily accessible to the child so you don’t have to get up from your desk multiple times.

Take Time Away From Home

Although, your day may be filled with project deadlines, it will be beneficial to take some time away from your home office. As long as you have Internet connection, a flash drive and a laptop, you could go to the beach, park or the poolside. If you have a friend who could accompany you, then that would be even better. Your friend could watch your child while you work. You probably wouldn’t be able to do this if you had an important phone meeting because of possible background noise from other people around.

Send the Kids Away

Sending your kids away might sound harsh, but it will work for everyone. You could send your kids to their grandparents for the weekend, if you had a special project to finish. You could also send the kids to a play group that you would arrange with your neighborhood parents. Of course, you have to find time to monitor the group when it is your turn.

Working Odd Hours

Many work-at-home parents will wait until the children are asleep to tackle some of their projects. Working from home provides this kind of flexibility. The benefit of working at night is that you won’t have any interruptions from your children. Of course, you will have to discuss this with your partner or spouse to make sure that you both agree with this arrangement. You could compromise by scheduling two days each week for your night projects instead of all week.

It is certainly a challenge to work from home with small children, but it is definitely possible as long as you can be creative. These tips given may not work as well for someone who is a work-from-home inbound customer service rep since most of your time will be spent answering telephone calls. However, if your projects can be done without too much phone work or disruptions, you will benefit more from these suggestions.















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