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Eight Helpful Apps for the Business Traveller

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In the last several years, trip planning has changed. More travelers are utilizing social media, mobile devices and websites while planning trips. (Source: US Travel) Traveling for business trips can be hectic, but the experience can be made easier. What business traveler wouldn’t want to make the entire experience—from planning to execution—easier? This article lists several apps that are helpful tools for the busy business traveler.

Uber– This service connects people with a driver all by simply pressing a button. Users can utilize the mobile phone app to list their current location and what the destination is. Uber.com offers reliable pickups and clear pricing. The best feature of this service for business travelers is that it is cashless and convenient. Users pay through their mobile devices. Business travelers can find this app at m.uber.com for their iPhone and Android devices. 

Tripit – Business travelers need to plan for their trip and know exactly where and when they need to be somewhere. There is no time for mistakes. This service is free for users and people can sign up online to keep all of their travel plans in one place. Business travelers will have access to their travel itinerary planner both online and on their mobile device. It’s a great resource to help keep oneself organized and also keep the main office aware of the itinerary.

Gate Guru – This company’s mission statement is: Travel. Reinvented. They want to bring the simple back into the stress-filled days of travel today. The basic idea behind this service is to bring the user a one stop experience. A user can utilize the app to locate the best restaurants, food courts, shopping and services in any airport all at the touch of a button on the app. Travel truly is reinvented with this app and it assists the business traveler both before and after the flight and also during any layovers.

Grabb – This online tool is another resource which can save business travelers time and effort in locating great places to eat. It also allows users to skip the long lines at these quick serve meal locations and order their meals online. This is all done through their mobile devices. Users can browse menus at quick serve restaurants, coffee shops and cafés. This feature is especially good for travelers who don’t know the local area and need some assistance in locating great food options. Users prepay for orders and receive real time notifications at each stage of the order. The best feature of this system is that it is cashless and a no card system where users pay through their mobile phone.

FlyRight – We all want to receive great customer service. This is especially important to business travelers who take many trips throughout the year. FlyRight is a real time customer service app. This online tool utilizes the power of the social web to enable customers to have a stronger voice in improving service at airlines. Business travelers will like this app and the chance to make their voice heard regarding what type of customer service they received at these airlines.

Google Calendar – This online resource is a great way for the business traveler to let the office know what his or her schedule is like. The service is free, but users are required to have a Google account to utilize the software. The best feature is that multiple users can view your schedule. There is a two-way syncing feature for the calendar. The data you input to the calendar from your laptop or computer is also available on your mobile devices and tablets. 

Open Table – This resource is used by over 620 million diners and lists 31,000 fine dining restaurants. Many business travelers take clients out to dinner and this is a great resource to assist in the reservation process. Reservations can be made online and users can read reviews from other diners. Users can also earn points toward free meals. OpenTable is a real-time online reservation network.

Expensify – This online tool is free and it does not require a credit card for users to sign up. It is a simple way for businesses to streamline how business travelers submit expense reports and how they are approved. Expenses can be imported directly from a credit card so that the reports are generated quickly and easily. Office managers or business owners can then approve travel expense reports online. The busy business traveler will be reimbursed with one click of the mouse as the money is sent directly to his or her bank account.  

There are many online resources available today to make trip planning easier. The Savvy business traveler will learn how to take advantage of these tools and create a more fun and relaxed travel experience. There are a wide variety of helpful apps available online. However the nine tools listed in this article will help the business traveler start planning and executing their travel arrangements with ease. 

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