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How To Employ A Transactional Approach When Choosing The Right Vocational Course

When we make extra strides in our careers, we do expect better outcomes. This can range from hard work and innovation to even pursuing a vocational course just to boost our career reputation and performance. But here’s the deal. To put in bluntly, many pursue vocational curses just for the complimentary sense of it. It’s not that they’re truly convinced about what they’re pursuing. It’s just that they heard from so and so that if you pursue this certificate or that diploma, then you’ll experience true career transformation.

And that’s where the Key Problem lies
You see, many have fallen victim to unnecessary and misinformed influence. And yes, it might be argued that such influencers have the best interests at heart. Yet what many fail to realize is the fact that if a popular solution is out there, then that’s a problem in itself.  And that’s because information travels real fast these days and before you know it, everyone’s implementing the same solution. Case in point is that having a masters made people really stand out. Now it’s been implemented by so many people such that soon enough, being a professor will be the norm. This can largely be blamed on...

The Flooded Pursuit of Popular Career Paths
Once again, another scenario of implementing popular solutions presents itself. When competition in job markets gets stiff, many want to go harder in the same direction. Adherence to quotes such as ’quitters never win’ becomes the norm. Soon enough, the clamour for lucrative opportunities is so bruising that it finally dawns on people that their hard work was simply in vain. And that’s largely because...

In the past, being a super achiever made you a big deal. Nowadays, they’re in plenty and are growing narcissistic by the day. In fact, you might end up feeling insignificant and defeated if you danced to their tune because you’ll get trampled on anyway without remorse. Yet what we fail to realize is the fact that failure is also a key and integral part of career progress. And so when we encounter dead end traffic jams, we can either come up with smart detours to go through or keep waiting and fighting in vain for progress in an already flooded highway. Yes, it is common sense yet people limit this transactional approach to simple life matters...

How then does one Employ a Transactional Approach in Choosing the Right Vocational Course?

#1 Avoid Overcrowded Courses
We’re all aware of courses that are just too popular to be denied. Yet, some of us will still go ahead and pursue such courses despite the obvious fact that soon enough, we won’t have that competitive cutting edge in job market competition. Yes, I understand that higher education institutions give a lot of hope to prospective students, but let’s not forget that in these tough economic times, institutions are also in business. And if you think I’m reserving some misplaced resentment towards them, just think of the number of irrelevant, flooded and outdated courses being stubbornly offered to this day with negligible effort towards updating them. And on that note...

#2 Dare to Pursue Untapped and Uncharted Waters
Every coin has two sides. And in this case, we’ve got those popular and prestigious courses that we’re aware of. But on the flip side we’ve also got those well kept secrets. Exclusive vocational courses that are only known by an elite of key industry players and stake holders who rarely indulge in the ordinary career affairs we’re used to. There must be some exquisite knowledge that they’ve got which aids them in making extraordinary strides in their careers. Befriend such people and learn from them because their results speak for themselves. And I dare say that such knowledge might not be available in any vocational course in the first place.

#3 Think Beyond Employee Indispensability
Besides the usual quest for lucrative positions in companies, you’ve also got to think long term. Like how long do you plan on staying employed before going solo. And when that time comes, will the vocational courses you’ve already pursued prove to be viable enough in enabling you to successfully run a lucrative start-up? How about the idea of changing your career path?. How flexible will your vocational courses be in helping you adapt to a whole new direction in your career? Think about it...

Ultimately, this is your life and the choices you make will eventually determine how much you can realize your full potential. At times, you’ll find yourself making tough choices that few people have the guts to implement, let alone get out of their safe zones. That’s why a transactional approach is the best bet in ensuring that you make decisions that REALLY matter instead of simply flowing with popular opinions of the majority. As Lin-Chi once said, "When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean."

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