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Employee’s First Day

Once you have hired your preferred candidate and established a start date for their first day at work, you must ensure that you are fully prepared for their arrival. Inform the relevant department that a new employee is about to join the team. In addition, collect all the necessary documentation to give to them on arrival, including a HR manual, health and safety documents and any other important information they may need.

Once the employee’s first day arrives, it is important to integrate them into the company as best as possible. A new employee will often relate back to their first day at work, and often base their first impressions on the quality of their first day. Following the below tips will ensure that your employee’s first day begins on a positive note:

Greet your new employee at the door

Do not allow your new employee to sit around waiting for you to come and collect them or greet them. Make sure that someone is aware that the new employee is arriving, to ensure that there is somebody present to greet them and act as a welcoming committee if you are unable to be there yourself.

Have their workplace fully prepared

To avoid any technological complications and to ensure that the individual is made to feel completely comfortable, have their workstation completely prepared before they sit down. Ensure that they are set up with all the necessary software required, and provide them with any pens, paper and other stationary they may need.

Guide the employee

On the employee’s first day, it is important to initiate their training. Teach them the most important information and do not overwhelm them. Ensure they have a full grasp of what you have taught them, and give them time to process and absorb the information. Do not teach them everything there is to know about the job; start with the fundamentals – including everything about the work environment, before teaching them the particulars.

Get updates

Check in on the employee regularly as the day develops. Ensure they understand their new tasks and have fully grasped everything that they have learnt during that day. Ask them if they have any questions regarding any matters and make sure that they fell completely comfortable and unobstructed.

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