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Employment in Ukraine’s Public Sector

 Public employment services in Ukraine were founded in December 1990. The Law of Employment was passed in March 1991, which determined the legal, economic and organizational principles of Ukrainian public sector employment, social state guarantees and the main principles of the public services employment activity.

By 2001, the Law of Ukraine came into force, and the public employment service was assigned additional functions. By 2008, The Employment Service had employed 10.8 million people and trained 1.7 million people in a range of public sector jobs, in addition to having organized the participation of 3.8 million people in public work.

Recent Policies

The recent implementation of gender-sensitive employment policies and programs within Ukraine’s public sector demonstrates the government’s attempt to recognize the rights of women and better protect them. There are numerous women employed in Ukraine’s public sector, fulfilling various roles and duties such as nursing, teaching and other local authority positions.

Availability of Jobs

There are numerous jobs available however almost 93% of all employment service employees work directly for the municipal and regional employment centers. Nevertheless the Ukrainian public sector provides a broad range of services and assistance to individuals seeking employment within this sector.

Primary Benefits

  • Continued, professional training, retraining and further training

  • Social pension and retirement benefits (available to men at the age of 63 and women at the age of 58). Ukraine covers a range of pension types including Disability pensions, survivor pensions, old-age pensions and so on.

Sickness and Maternity Benefits

Employees are entitled to a range of medical benefits including sickness and maternity benefits. Employed women are permitted to 70 days maternity leave prior to the birth of the child and 56 days following the birth of the child.

Sickness benefits vary depending on the number of years of employment.  

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