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There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time, and splurging on skin and hair care products. After all, when you look and feel you're best, you approach the world with a more confident attitude. Confidence is one of the keys to being successful in business and life in general. Here are five beauty products for men that are hassle-free, high-quality and highly effective. They're...

over 1 year ago  by  Lia Parisyan

Summer is swiftly approaching, and what better way to celebrate this vibrant season than with a bold burst of color.  Thanks to popular beauty blogs and fashion magazines, colorful nails are becoming more and more common in the workplace. The carefully selected shades in this collection, flatter virtually every complexion, while showcasing some of summer's hottest color trends. If you decide to go...

over 1 year ago  by  Lia Parisyan

Summer’s around the corner, and with the temperatures steadily climbing, it’s important to be mindful of your personal hygiene, in this case, body odor. Being sardined on the metro, walking from your favorite coffee shop to the office or using your lunch break for a power session at the gym, all contribute to making your ‘smell factor’ not so fresh and so clean, clean. A great way to smell your...

over 1 year ago  by  Lia Parisyan

Summer's almost here, which means it's time to give your cosmetics collection a makeover. While there are many great eye shadow trends to follow this season, not all of them are appropriate for the workplace. Generally, you want to avoid bold and garish colors, instead opting for softer shades intended for daytime use. If you're heading for cocktails after work, you can always add a more vibrant...

over 1 year ago  by  Lia Parisyan
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I remember seeing the 10K figure for mastery a while back. It also made me think about how much time I spent/waste perusing the Internet instead of keeping up with my French. Great read and thanks for the unintended reminder to get me to "pratiquer le français."
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