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How to End an Interview on a Strong Note


Sure, when you are reaching the end of an interview, you may start feeling a sense of euphoria because you have answered all their questions and you have jumped through all their hoops, and all you want is to breathe a sigh of relief and relax from the hectic interview mood. Well, if you think that everything is over so fast, you are mistaken! You will not walk out your job interview in a blaze of glory until you make a strong, lasting impression. Make the most of the opportunity to answer the classic “Do you have any questions to ask for us?” question to find out how you fit in the company and better position yourself to be the employer’s preferred candidate. The last impression you leave them with matters and here’s how to go about it:

Show your research

Employers like individuals who are keen on constantly learning and keeping up with trends in their industry or market. Show them that you have a close eye when it comes to organisational developments and that you are actively monitoring new trends and developments. So if, for example, you have seen online that the employer is looking to expand in a new industry, ask whether you could fit in a potential position, and if so, how?

Show interest

Businesses want to know that you are aware of the challenges ahead and are able to deal with them. One way to achieve this is to dispel any questions about your fit. Having already researched the company both online and offline, you should have already gotten an idea of what kind of problems the firm deals with. Ask the interviewer to expand on a specific problem and specify what skills they feel are most important to meet that challenge. Once they mention the desired skills, mention that you have these strengths and point out how you will use them to their advantage. The key here is to show them that you are a proactive thinker and that you are ready to tackle their toughest challenges.

Gain insight

Before you accept a potential job offer, you want to make sure that the position is promising enough to guarantee professional success. You can ask a question that gives you hints into potential success. Questions could include: “What would a successful employee make happen for you in the first month of the job?” or “What would you expect the new hire to accomplish, within a year from now, to feel that he has successfully attained your most pressing missions?”

Exhibit expertise and exude enthusiasm

Remember that it’s not always the most qualified who gets the job; sometimes it goes to the most enthusiastic. Make a statement that shows your excitement about the job and name a few reasons why you feel enthusiastic about it. Some questions that might be useful are: “I am very excited about this vacancy, and feel that I would be the ideal fit. What would it take to close the deal on this position today?” Demonstrating that you are also willing to improve yourself and address any concerns or hesitations the interviewer might have adds you extra points as you desperately want the job and you are planning for it.

All in all, remember that you should not end your interview with questions regarding the structure of the job or ask them to elaborate on things like benefits, salary, healthcare benefits, etc. This is the best time to remind yourself of John F. Kennedy’s famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (in this case, a country stands for a company!).

When the final question “Do you have anything to ask?” is posed, don’t ease up or rush to close the interview. Your job is to “extend” it and use all your available resources and selling points so that, come Monday morning, you walk back into that same building! Good luck with your job-seeking endeavours!

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