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SOCIAL MEDIA / JUL. 18, 2013
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How to Enhance your Twitter Profile to Land your Dream Job

With an estimated 500 million users, Twitter is considered to be the second largest social networking platform in the world. The concept of micro-blogging has taken on a whole new platform through Twitter as job seekers turn to this platform to network with business professionals and companies across the globe. Getting the seal of approval from celebrities, royalty, politicians and companies, Twitter has become one of the most popular networking sites - second to Facebook.

Here are some tips on how to enhance your Twitter profile to land your dream job:

Twitter Username

The first thing you are required to have as a Twitter user is your Twitter username. As a job seeker, it is advised to have a memorable username on Twitter, possibly incorporating your industry of expertise, for example: TechGuySmith. It is important to select a good username as it essentially becomes the brand name of your Twitter profile.

Profile Purpose

If you are searching for a job through Twitter, it is important to remember that your public profile is viewable for everybody. It is therefore important to stick to a professional tone when tweeting from this account. Keep your tweets neutral, without using offensive language and refraining from ranting/venting about sensitive or controversial issues.

Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio appears at the top of your profile, acting as the “About” section of your profile. This section has the space of a 160 characters therefore it is important to use it wisely. Job seekers should use hashtags on keywords and expertise to make their bio searchable to recruiters and hiring agents. For example: TechGuySmith could use #jobhunting #ITjobs #IT #tech in his bio.

Profile Background

Twitter provides individuals with the opportunity to customize their twitter background. Job seekers can create a personalized background, providing the addresses to their social network (Facebook, LinkedIn or blog). Due to the bio space restriction, the background customization is the perfect chance to further enhance your Twitter profile.

With Twitter so popular these days any jobseeker who does not have it is doing themselves a huge disservice. So use these tips to get your profile up to scratch and maybe even land your dream job. 

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