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Epic Interview Fails!

The general consensus surrounding the characteristics of people who were successful at interview stage (as explained by WORKOPOLIS) are people who come across as relaxed, interesting, strong, ambitious, mature and pleasant. Your interview presentation is the reason you will or will not land the job. Nothing else matters except that time in the room with your potential new employer. Even with preparation, you can still fail due to nerves getting the better of you.The following examines the ultimate interview epic fails compilations, which outline the worst things which can happen when attending your all important interview!

“Interviewers know within 30 seconds of meeting someone whether or not they will hire them”

First Impression… Fail

One interviewer explained that an applicant left home so stressed he was wearing two different shoes and prescription sunglasses, instead of his normal glasses. Fail.

Positive Responses… Fail

One young lady attending an interview was asked about her last job, and continued to bad mouth her old boss for a considerable proportion of the interview, only to find out the boss was an immediate family member of the interviewer. Fail.

Tell Them You Broke the Law… Fail

One applicant revealed that by attending the interview they had actually broken the rules of their probation, although considering how important the job was to them they wanted to use this to reflect determination. In a sense, yes, but how will they go to work on Monday? Fail.

Planned Questions… Fail

Recently, large employers such as Google began asking questions such as “How would you move Mount Vesuvius?” Let’s face it, your immediate reaction regarding how to move a mountain will not be a great response, unless researched. A number of applicants when asked these type of pressure questions just looked glazed and washed over. Fail.

Leave the interview gracefully… Fail

The last applicant we will review crowd surfed the interview, feeling confident and shaking hands while making incredibly effective eye contact. When standing up he turned to walk straight into the glass door. Shattering it into tiny little pieces. Fail.

Regardless of your ambitious, mature and indeed pleasant attitude throughout the course of your interview, be aware that at any given moment this can fall to pieces. What we can learn from this is to make best use of our ‘first impression’; a smile is contagious and welcoming. Maximise your efforts when describing things which you feel positive about and prepare for all varieties of questions you may find yourself bombarded with. Finally leave the interview in a confident manner keeping in mind that the final lasting impression can be equally as powerful as the first impression.


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