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Ever Wondered Why a Candidate Turned Down your Job Offer?

In a competitive market, where the demand for jobs far outweighs the current supply, it is a wonder why any candidate who has attended an interview, would turn down a good job offer. Recruiters are often left confused, irritated, and thinking the candidate was simply a time waster who had no intention of accepting the job anyway, but is this really the case?

Take a look at some of the most common reasons why your job offer may have been turned down.

#1 The candidate received a better counteroffer

Do not be fooled into thinking the individuals you are interviewing have only applied for this job. It is far more likely that they have interviews lined up with several other companies in order to increase their chances of securing a job offer.

If the candidate turns down your job offer, they may have been offered better working conditions, more money or a higher job title with another company they interviewed with.

#2 The salary you offer is too low

It may be the best job vacancy ever, but if you offer a candidate a salary that is less than average or significantly less that they were expecting, you can expect to be turned down. For many, the salary offered is pivotal to whether they accept the job or not due to financial obligations they already have.

#3 The candidate feels they are not the right fit for the company

Surprisingly enough, it is not only you as the recruiter who will ultimately determine how well a candidate will ‘fit’ in the culture of your company, it is the candidate who will judge this too! Although the individual may want the job, they may feel that they would not integrate well into the company culture and therefore should reject the job offer.

#4 Your interview style may have put the candidate off

Oftentimes it is the person responsible for managing the department where the vacancy has arisen who will conduct the job interview as they know exactly the type of person they want to hire and who would fit into the team environment. If you have been rude or unprofessional, the candidate may decide they would not be comfortable working with you.

#5 The job fit doesn’t match the candidate’s career goals

During the interview process, you may have described certain elements of the job that the candidate was unaware of or was not expecting to here. If the duties and responsibilities of the job do not meet the objectives of the candidate, it is likely they will turn down a job offer.



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