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Evergrad: The New Job Matching App for Graduates and SMEs

The newly released Evergrad app created by Dan Manzi and George Penman helps connect students and small-medium enterprises (SMEs). The app itself is designed to revitalize the “slow and monotonous” graduate recruitment process which can hinder SME firms due to costs; “Distressingly for SMEs, there has been no accessible way to reach talented graduates as traditional recruiters can be charging £3k to place a graduate using their service.” states Manzi.

By being different, Evergrad looks to benefit graduates in a unique sense by helping them find employment within small, growing and newly established businesses; this alone can provide endless benefits for fledgling businesses. Arguably, don’t all the other apps help people find jobs? It’s the same thing? Well yes, and no. The app adopts a unique selling point which incorporates a video submission upload function that enables each employer to win over candidates with a short video of what it’s like working at the company. This could be a new revolutionary trend in recruitment.

So the question now is: how does this app actually stand up against the monsters of the app world?

Further research into recruitment apps in the UK alone finds large scale operations such as Jobcentreplus, the app that is described by as “putting Europe’s largest jobs database in to people’s pockets”. This is closely followed by a similar app by Indeed, described by Google Play as boasting “100 million job seekers” and “15 million jobs” spread over “28 languages” across more than “50 countries". Another close contender in the recruitment app market is the Monster app which is said to work wonders when installed on tablets and iPads with functionality that included access to your CV, cover letters, and saved applications.

With these rivals knocking at the door, Evergrad need to be truly unique to branch out. When creating the new app, Dan Manzi and George Penman agreed they needed something different, something novel – in light of the stiff competition – which is why they have pushed the idea of the SME video upload software. The video upload option could open a range of possibilities to discover a new way of recruiting for SMEs. Employers could upload videos to promote company incentives, introduce influential employees, highlight floor plans, showcase new technology and boast about Christmas parties! There is no end to what could potentially be included in a recruitment video to entice the very best candidates.



Evergrad provides a fresh outlook on the otherwise ‘dull’ recruitment process, and through promising to deliver the visual options for SMEs, the Evergrad app could truly transform and personalise the connection applicants have with their prospective employers.

If successful, this in turn may also be met with newly established trends such as candidates uploading their own PR videos selling themselves as candidates.

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