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INTERVIEWS / MAR. 29, 2014
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Everything I Needed to Know About a Job Interview I Learned from Judge Judy

I have been an avid watcher of Judge Judy for quite a few years now, mostly to see the craziness that her show embraces.  But today, I came up with the following revelation. Judge Judy isn't just a judge.  She offers great job interview advice.


Stay with me for a minute.  There are things that she says that are her trademark and that are said at least once or twice in every episode.  These same things can be applied to a job interview.  So, let's look at these Judy Judy-isms and see how they apply to getting the job of your dreams.

"Um isn't an answer"

This is one of her favorite sayings and it's heard on the show at least a couple of dozen times every week. When you are at a job interview, you don't want to say this if you can at all help it.  First of all, it makes you look dumb and inarticulate. Secondly, it tells the interviewer that you are trying to think of a good answer (in order words you will come across as unprepared).  

"Where did you think you were coming today, the beach?"

This is another of her favorite sayings, and it's generally said to the litigants or witnesses who come to the case dressed inappropriately.  If you show up at a job interview dressed inappropriately in shorts, chances are that the interviewer is going to give you up as a lost cause even before the interview starts.  The only exception to this is of course if you are going to get a job at the beach. But that's a whole different story. 

Another reason why she might say this to someone is if they are unprepared for their court case. They show up without evidence.  When you go to a job interview, you want to come prepared with references, your resume, and a portfolio, if appropriate.  It's also a good idea to do some research about the company and understand what is expected for the position.  Being prepared will go a long way with helping you get a job.

"Don't look down there, look up here"

Judge Judy hates it when people don't look in her eyes. She wants to be able to see their eyes because it tells her that someone is telling her the truth.  When you are at a job interview, you want to look your interviewer in the eyes. You want to show that you are confident and that you have nothing to hide. Being able to look the interviewer in the eyes is something that employers look for.

Judge Judy has a lot of life experience and is very popular on television.  Although many people think she is often cruel to her litigants, there's no doubt that she is wise.  Perhaps if more people would look beyond her crassness and actually listen to what she's saying, more people would be successful in their job interviews and there'd be fewer court cases.  Of course, then she'd be out of a job. 

Case dismissed.


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