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How to Exercise When You're Traveling for Work

You might feel pretty exhausted after that day of taxis and airports, but unfortunately, that
suitcase workout was not the same thing as getting in an actual workout. If you travel a lot for work, then you know how hard it can be to squeeze in that time to devote to your body. But since exercise has so many benefits for you both personally and professionally, you really do need to do more than lug your suitcase to and from the airport.

Sure, there’s always the hotel gym. That is, if the hotel has one and the machines actually work. For a foray into life beyond the hotel treadmill, check out these other ways to get in a workout. Generally, 30 minutes of your day should be devoted to physical activity, so when you’re planning, be sure to carve out at least that much time for any of these workouts.

Schedule a walking meeting. These work best when you have just one or two people with whom you’re supposed to meet, and those people are capable of that type of activity. If you’re meeting with new clients, it might not work because of the risk of offending someone before you’ve met them face to face. Some clients, on the other hand, may be thrilled to show you around the neighborhood for a walk. Ask them directly to go on a walk with you, or take the more indirect route and ask to walk to the nearest coffee shop.

Or go further and plan a physical activity. For a lot of business types, that means scheduling some time on the golf course, but you could come up with nearly any physical activity you desire. Often, there’s no better way to get to know a new client than spending time doing something you both enjoy. A pickup game of basketball, a hike to a nearby waterfall, a night of salsa dancing or a bicycle ride on a local bike path are all activities that would give you time for conversation as well as exercise. If you’re driving to your travel location, there’s no reason you can’t strap on a bike rack and plan for personal as well as business-related rides.

Check out a new instructor. For something a little more structured, ask your current fitness instructors to recommend a class to attend while you’re in your new city. There may be a Zumba instructor who’s not to be missed, or a Cross Fit guru in the city you’re traveling; and no one is more likely to know that network than another instructor. When all else fails, research gyms or have your hotel’s concierge do it for you, and then read a few online reviews to get a sense of what you can expect.

Pack your own equipment. Sometimes, there’s nothing to be done but to get in a workout from the confines of your hotel room. Having a set of resistance bands tucked into your suitcase is one great way to always have exercise equipment. If you’re in for something with more cardio, try any number of downloadable workouts or videos. In the age of YouTube, many fitness instructors and trainers have their own set of workout videos. Some even have apps that allow you to choose the type and duration of the workout and receive a customized session on the spot.

There’s no reason that you can’t get in a real workout on most days of your trip. On the days you’re actually traveling though, it’s probably OK to count lugging suitcases as a viable form of exercise.


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