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Exit Interviews - Why Give Them?

An exit interview is a survey, or meeting between the HR department or company management and an employee who has left the organization. The interview aims to address why the individual felt the need to leave the company, their issues with the workload or other company employees, and any other aspects that may need to be discussed in order to come to an understanding as to why the employee resigned.

Exit Interview Aims:

  • To gain resolve an unresolved disputes with employees
  • To lower the risk of disgruntled ex employees filing lawsuits against your businesses
  • To gain peace of mind that the employee did not leave due to anything that you could have controlled or managed better
  • To obtain an insight into aspects that need to be improved in order to help retain staff
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the feelings and worries employees may have and how to alter this
  • Gather information to assist in developing the current HR processes and company  rules
  • Feedback from the employees perspective is invaluable to the development and growth of a company
  • Information obtained during the exit interview can be used to help redesign current training programs and support networks
  • Exit interviews can also help influence the recruitment procedure for future employees

Employees tend to give an excuse as to why they leave a company…

Usually, when an employee leaves their job, they rely on a good reference letter and recommendation from their manager in order to progress to a new job. Without this, they may be left on the job seeker shelf for a long time. Due to the reliance of a good reference, many employees who leave their jobs avoid telling their management the true reason they are leaving so as to protect their references. An exit interview however gives ex employees the chance to give their side of the story and inform the company as to why they really left.

Why wait until the employee has left before conducting an exit interview?

Usually an exit interview is conducted once the employee has already left the company; this could be a matter of days or weeks upon the departure of the individual. The purpose of leaving the exit interview until after the employee has left is to allow them time to calm down and reflect in a clearer mind as to why they decided to leave and what issues they have with the company. 

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