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Experience The New Fad Of Couchsurfing

How many people do you know are dissatisfied with their jobs? You probably have several people in your acquaintance who have expressed some dissatisfaction in their current job. It wouldn’t be surprising considering that 60% of Americans are actually not happy with their jobs. That is quite a considerable number of people.

However, switching jobs isn’t as easy as it seems which is probably why so many people remain dissatisfied with their jobs. They may either not know what kind of work they want or have tried switching careers unsuccessfully. If you happen to be one of them, try to experience the new fad of couchsurfing. This time, couchsurfing would entail to searching for the right jobs.

Benefits of couchsurfing

The idea of couchsurfing is for travellers around the globe to host fellow travellers while in their hometown. It works great for travellers since they would benefit more from staying at a local’s place and get to immerse more easily into the culture. If this idea is applied to careers, this would give many job seekers an opportunity to experience a job in actuality.

The couchsurfing for careers has already been set into motion thanks to Lifetramp which is still on its way to broaden its reach. Originating from Poland, it has expanded to several European countries as well as Spain, Mexico and Estonia. Although still in its start-up stage, this idea of couchsurfing for jobs brings about a lot of benefits.

  1. Job seekers would be able to experience what it is like to be in the shoes of another worker in a totally different industry and setting.

Just like the original idea of couchsurfing, there would be people who will host job seekers to shadow them in their work. So job seekers would be able to satisfy their curiosity about certain jobs and would find it easier to determine if it would work for them or not.

  1. Job seekers and hosts would benefit from a wider and more diverse network.

In job couchsurfing, you never really know who you might end up with. You may pick any job that would suit your fancy and inevitably would be able to form an alliance with your host and all his or her contacts as well. In turn, the host could learn from you since you probably would be coming from a totally different industry and place.

  1. Hosts would benefit from the exposure in the long run.

Although currently all that hosts would be getting from the program is lunch, the organization is looking into ways wherein hosts would get some funding as well. However, monetary advantages are not the only thing that hosts could get since they would also have earned potential contacts who may prove to be highly important in the future.

Couchsurfing for jobs would allow people who are not satisfied with their jobs to experience the world of others in a more economical and efficient manner. It’s also a little more personal than becoming an OJT for a certain company since you would bond with your host. Are you interested to try out couchsurfing for a new job? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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