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Facebook Without the Ads!

Facebook are crooks. A shocking statement to begin this article with, but it couldn’t be truer. They’re guilty of forcing individuals and businesses to pay for advertising. Organic reach is practically dead, and the worst part about it is Facebook admitted it in late 2013.

Facebook is screwing you over and it’s time to take a stand. Short of burning Mark Zuckerberg at the stake, there’s not a lot we can do to convince Facebook to change their policy.

Instead, you have to look in another direction. Although organic reach is dead, making your page go viral will still bring in organic traffic. Organic reach is dead for the majority, but it exists for the most popular pages.

Read on to find out more about what you can do to avoid paying for advertising.

Start with Viral Photos

Images are amongst the most powerful pieces of content you can have. Look at your newsfeed or the average fan page and you’ll see images being shared the most often.

Creating viral photos is difficult to do, though. What you need is something interesting and a small pool of fans who can set off a chain reaction. The easiest way to handle this is to try to look for a trend and find a way to adapt your page to it.

This may be easy or hard depending on what sort of page you’re running.

Connect on a Personal Level

Engagement breeds more engagement. With 67% of American Internet users on Facebook, an interesting personal question can get people talking. Aim for something controversial. You want to strike an emotional chord where people feel they have to comment or the thought will bother them all day.

The reason engagement breeds is engagement is due to Google. Google promotes its top pages through its first page of search results. The best Facebook pages quickly go viral because Google helps users find content they believe they’ll enjoy. It’s simply a popularity contest. Once you get started, there’s no stopping you.

Mobile Friendly

Facebook’s Power Editor has an option where you can specifically target mobile users. This is a huge scam because you can do this by yourself. Make your Facebook content appealing to mobile users.

Your posts should be mobile friendly. For example, this would mean reducing the size of some of your posts to allow mobile users to easily digest what you’re saying on the go.

All in the Consistency

It’s unlikely you’ll gain a huge following with one or two posts. Most people won’t even see some of your posts. Post consistently enough and you’ll keep your current followers talking and increase your chances of accessing new followers.

Get into a habit of posting a certain number of times a week. Stick to it and create a routine. Most pages take a few weeks to gain a significant following.

Posting at the Right Times

Whenever you want to post something, make sure you do it at the right times. The right time is when your target audience is most likely going to be online.

For the purposes of this example we will assume you’re targeting a U.S. audience. Here are a few tips for doing this right:

  • Post at peak Facebook times, such as in the evenings and at lunchtime.
  • Comment when your target audience is likely to be online. For example, mothers may have time to browse Facebook in the mornings, yet no time in the late afternoon.
  • Use your page insights to get an idea of how many people see your posts. This will allow you to tinker with your timings.

Overall, Facebook ads aren’t the only way to reach a large audience. Advertise in the right way and you’ll never have to spend a penny on Facebook advertising.

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