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Facts about Working as a Civil Servant in France

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Individuals who succeed in landing a job in France’s public service sector are referred to as Civil Servants. These public sector employees obtain many benefits and are given a special status, which is governed by regulatory provisions. Unlike private sector employees, public sector employees’ rights and regulations are unified across the public service sector.

Individuals seeking a job within the civil service must meet stringent criteria, which will vary depending on the type of position they seek. Overall, civil services jobs can be categorized into three main areas, namely:

  • Management grade jobs

  • Intermediary grade jobs

  • Clerical grade jobs

The civil service comprises of not only civil servants, but also public non-permanent employees and state manual workers. The regulations and benefits surrounding a particular civil service profession will vary according to the public company worked for. To explain, if you work for the France electricity authority, the regulations governing your job will be specific to that of the electricity sector.

Recruitment for a Civil Service Job

Candidates must be eligible to take the required tests to gain employment in the civil service. The main pre-requisite is that individuals must have French nationality. Additional requirements include:

  • Pass public examination

  • Achieve tenure in the position

  • Other conditions may apply to specific areas of civil service

Information on Civil Service Regulations and Employment Contracts

Details regarding civil servants’ salaries, working hours, disciplinary procedures, rights of association and other collective agreement elements are found in the general civil service regulations.  

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