Author FAQ's

Do I have to write a certain number of articles per week?

Authors are not obliged to write a minimum number of articles within any timeframe. We believe the best articles can take a great deal of time, and as such, place no pressure on authors to churn out content.

Can I send my article ideas to the editorial team before writing and submitting it?

Authors cannot email article ideas to the editor for review prior to writing them as we operate a first come first serve basis. We also cannot guarantee that an article topic we would otherwise approve would be published as every article is judged on a case by case basis. If you do get a title approved, this is not a guarantee that the article will be published.

What content do you prefer on CareerAddict?

Our audience is 16-35 year olds, predominantly located in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other English speaking countries, who are students, graduates, working professionals, entrepreneurs or job seekers. This means, all content sent for review should appeal to this audience. If the topic is deemed to be generic (i.e. content that can be found all over the web), it will likely be rejected. We want unique and creative articles! Top 10s, Lists, Infographics, Videos, and How-To style guides are top priority.

How do I structure my article?

Depending on the template you select (Video, Standard article, Infographic, List, Top 10, How To) there are a number of requirements that need to be followed. View our Submission Guide to see our formatting tips and how to structure your article. 

Can I include links within my article?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage helpful links in CareerAddict articles. So long as the links are relevant and appropriate, you may add them in! We particularly like links to other CareerAddict articles, so be sure to link to these whenever you can.

Make sure to use short and relevant anchor text when linking. Here are some good examples:

Resume Format
Best Resume Format
Choose a Resume Format

Try avoiding linking to full article titles and full URLs:
How to Choose the Best Resume Format

Who owns the content once it is published?

CareerAddict owns the content of all paid articles once they are submitted to our site (unpaid articles remain under the ownership of the author). Once the article is published, we will not take it down unless there are plagiarism or copyright infringements forcing us to. Please be sure that you are happy for the article to be published under your name before submitting it to us.

Can I repost the article to my own blog/website?

We encourage authors to promote their articles on their own blog/website by summarizing the article and adding a link to the actual article live on CareerAddict. Search engines like Google penalize sites due to duplicated content so we strongly ask authors to avoid reposting their entire article on their blog/website.

Will my article be edited?

Our editorial team will have full rights to edit and amend the content prior to publication. Once the article is published you will not be able to edit it from your “My Articles” section.

Where do I submit my article?

Please do not email your article to us. You will find that once you register and complete your profile, you will have access to our ‘Submit an Article’ page. It is from this section of our site that you can send articles, edit them and keep track of any updates and views/shares your articles receive.

Do I need to include images?

Yes. You will not be able to submit your article unless you have at least one main image attached to your article. You must also reference where this image is taken from to avoid copyright infringements. If you struggle to find an image, you can search for iStock images and email us with the ID. We will then download the image for you. We prefer articles that have images in the main body of the article too!

Do I have to source/attribute images, and how?

Authors should first ensure that they are allowed to use the image by checking that they are not taking copyrighted material. The correct practice for sourcing of images will be determined by where you are taking the image from, for example: Flickr and Wikimedia Commons are great image resources where they indicate exactly how you should source their images.

If you are using Google to search for images, please use the Advanced Search functionality to find images which are free of copyright. If you are taking your image from a Website/Blog you will need to find out if they are lawfully using the image before using it.

Here is how we expect image attribution:


Name of website/image and hyperlink to the page where the image appears. Never link to the image URL.

Here is what we don’t want to see:

Never write the full image URL and link to it.

What happens after I submit my article?

Your article will go into a queue and will wait there until it is reviewed by an editor. There may be some issues that the editor requires you to amend in the article; in which case, you will receive a rejection comment with directions on how to edit the article. You can then resubmit the article unless otherwise stated in the rejection comment that you are not permitted to. If the article doesn’t need any editing from the author, it will be scheduled for publishing. You will receive an email with the date of pending publication.

Once the article is live, we encourage authors to be active by responding to readers’ comments, promoting the article on social media and tweeting articles with our @careeraddict tag. If you don’t already like us on Facebook, please do so now!

Why won't my image upload?

Your image may be too small for uploading. Please ensure it is a minimum of 600px X 340px. Images that are above 5MB are considered too large to be uploaded and will need scaled down in advance.

Why has my article been rejected?

Your article will have been rejected by the CareerAddict Editorial Team based on issues they believe to be contrary to the Author Rules. Simply review the reason for your article being rejected, make the necessary corrections, then re-submit.

Why have I been given a ‘strike’?

CareerAddict Author Rules state that authors, who continually submit articles that are far below the standards accepted on our website, or which are in breach of our Terms of Use, will be given a strike. After 3 strikes, the author’s account will be suspended.

I have submitted my article but it takes a long time to load?

Please only select the ‘submit’ button once, even though it takes a while to load, it is working! If you press the submit button more than once while the timer is loading, your article will be submitted several times.

I submitted my article and it appears more than once in ‘My Articles’?

If you selected the submit option more than once while the page was loading, it is likely that your article will have been submitted more than once. If you see duplicated articles in your ‘My Articles’ section, you can simply delete them.

Why has my article still not been published?

Whilst we aim to review articles within 3 working days, it may however take longer during busy periods.

Why won't my slideshow article submit?

If your slideshow images or slides have been removed once submitting your article, please edit it or delete and re-submit.

My article didn’t save when I selected ‘Save Draft’?

If this happens to you, it is likely that this has happened due to a temporary technical issue with our website. We advise all authors to save copies of all their articles on Microsoft Word or another external program.

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