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Fed-up of iMovie? Use these Best Video Editing Tools for Students

iMovie is a great video and presentation editing software. It allows the users edit their videos and share on social media. Unfortunately, iMovie is not available for free users, which means the students look for alternates. There are a number of online tools that work exactly like iMovie. They enable the students create, edit, and share their lecture videos.

Let’s check out the list of best video editing tools for students:

1. Video Editor

Enables the user to crop, trim, rotate and combine their new digital notes with the old ones. You can share your videos in just a click on Facebook because of its supportive features. Its advanced options like Jump cut, Face off, and Mosaic let you touch up your class presentations with amazing transitions and sound effects.

  • It tailors sound effects that are helpful for creating amazing classroom presentations
  • The software has automatic transitions
  • Fully supportive for different formats and editing options functions

2. Fantashow

With Fantashow, you can give extraordinary look to your videos and presentations. It provides tons of templates and themes. The tool suports different formats of presentation editing. You can use its options like funny transitions, text formats, and sound effects to enrich your presentations.

  • Fantashow has a massive video template to give stunning look to your videos and digital notes.
  • It has user-friendly interface to let you edit, save, and share the lecture slides and other stuff with the classmates.
  • It enables you to write personalize stories and poems to impress the teacher.

3. DVD Slideshow Builder                                                         

DVD Slideshow Builder lets you add unlimited pictures, music, and multiple themes to your videos and presentations. With its varying 3D transitions and 480 themes, you can be assured of great presentation creation for the final semester.

  • It has built in editing tools to ease your editing and sharing procedure.
  • It exports your slideshow in various formats. You can even burn important lectures to DVD, and share with friends.
  • You can weave your pictures and videos for creating a fantastic slideshow. You can share your slideshow on YouTube or export on a smartphone.

4. Light Works

Light Works allows the students experiment with numerous visual effects, such as time tilting effects, and multicam editing. Its free version is great for your smartphone and college computer. Free version available.

  • It has multiple visual effects and themes for preparing awesome classroom presentations.
  • You can solve common numericals of Physics and Mathematics with the help of official forum representatives.

5. Corel Video Studio Pro

Corel Video Studio Pro is a powerful tool, with an ability to give professional look to your videos and PowerPoint slides. Using this tool, you can filter your classroom notes, create videos to be presented before the supervisor, and give HD look to every slide. This tool will certainly help you score well in assignments and mini projects of the school.

  • It has numerous social media sharing options
  • High-quality presentations can be prepared.
  • Add pictures from your PC to every slide for creating an impressive look.

Each of these tools have somewhat similar qualities - master the right one for you and unleash your creative flare!

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