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Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions: 7 Tips for Doing it Right

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1. 1. Don’t wing it
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The words you choose will matter. Practice what you’re going to say and how you plan to say it - and even consider rehearsing with a trusted partner. Your attitude, the accuracy of what you say, and the care with which you say it, may matter as much as the details you will say.

It’s usually not easy to hear our shortcomings, whether from our boss or people within our family circle. And telling others how they can improve is not comfortable for them either. Feedback can agitate all sorts of self-doubt, defensiveness and career worries.

However, feedback should not be regarded as a way to highlight others’ weaknesses; in contrast, it’s all about helping them remove those stumbling blocks that prevent them from building on their strengths. That is why feedback is called “the breakfast of champions”.

Functioning without feedback is nothing less than driving a car with no speedometer. Many firms though fail to train teams on how to give feedback. Consequently, many of their workers remain without a clear plan for improvement.

If you haven’t yet realized how much of a blessing feedback is please do so! It can dramatically transform your company and your personnel and help you pioneer. Check out the next 7 tips on how to give feedback properly.  

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