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How to Find a Career Counselor


Counselors assist people to explore their emotions and feelings related to the experiences they have been through. They help their clients reflect on what is happening to them and devise alternative ways of doing things. Counselors practice active listening and empathize with their clients. They do not give solutions but allow their clients to make decisions on their own. In this regard, a career counselor helps you make decisions regarding your career. They help you in understanding your capabilities and making life decisions. Career counseling gives you the relevant skills and knowledge for your career. Below are various ways to help you find a good career counselor.

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Search Online

You can find a career counselor online. Search by state or by the name of the counselor. Once you find a counselor, call them and ask for their qualifications and whether or not they are licensed. Check for the various clients they have been able to help. This background check is important because the Internet harbors many people with malicious intentions. Book an appointment with the counselor online. You can either meet the counselor or have an online discussion.

List of National Certified Career Counselors (NCCC)

The Find Directory identifies certified experts in career counseling. The list of NCCCs can be found on the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) website, by state. Check the profile of a counselor who matches your problem. Ensure they meet all the requirements a qualified counselor should have. Contact the counselor you have identified and arrange to meet them.

Contact the State Counselor Licensing Board

From the phone directory of the state government, you will get the contacts of the Counselor Licensing Board. Contact them and ask for a list of qualified and licensed counselors, and check their credentials. Once you get the contacts, contact them to confirm their availability and book an appointed.

Use the Yellow Pages

Check under career counseling in the yellow pages, and scan their names, credentials and status in the National Licensing Board. Contact them and ask whether they have the right qualifications and are licensed. You can also enquire on their specialization to know whether they match your needs and expectations.

Ask Family and Friends

Family and friends can assist you with the counselors they have worked with. This broad network will give you a career counselor that will match your problem. They will also give information on their qualifications status and work experience.

Check the Library

You will find lists of career services in Community and Educational Agencies at the library. Check fields such as Community Colleges, State Employment Service, Adult Education Programs, and Special Career Services, among others. You will find career counselors from any field you would want. Contact them and seek their help in your career.

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Career counselors help you make decisions about interviews, job applications, networking, and even the development of cover letters. Career counseling can be offered to groups or individuals, as well. The main goal of career counseling is giving you the knowledge and skills that you need in making future career decisions.

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