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How to Find a Job after Being Fired

The fluctuating economic climate has resulted in a very fragile job market. Companies are taking measures to cut costs in order to stay afloat, with one of the measures being downsizing departments by making employees redundant.

If you have been sacked and want to make a comeback in the industry, here are the steps you need to take:

Do Not Panic

So you have been fired? What else is new? Many job seekers feel that it is the end of their career because they have been fired from their job. In today’s economic climate, being made redundant is more common than landing a suitable job. What you need to remember is that you have credible experience in whichever field you were working in. Remember to stay calm and make your peace with the fact that you have been fired. It is advised to ask for a recommendation from the employer to ensure that you are on track for your job search.

Update your CV

As a recently fired job seeker, you number one priority is to make yourself irresistibly employable. You can do this by updating your CV and making sure that it incorporates all your experiences in the best possible light. Fine tune it so that it follows an up-to-date structure and has a uniform format that mirrors your abilities to match the job position you are applying for.


The golden rule of finding a job is networking. Whether you opt to network through personal contacts or through social media, it is imperative to make yourself visible within your industry of expertise. You can attend industry events and seminars to meet professionals in the field, as well as connect with them through LinkedIn. This social network is considered to be the platform for professionals therefore it is highly recommended to enhance your presence on it.

Be Prepared for Rejection

Once you start applying for jobs, be prepared for rejection – don’t allow it to hinder your job application progress or affect your self-confidence. The current job market is tough as competition is rife; therefore it will take you a couple of times to find the job of your dreams. Keep calm and keep applying!

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