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How to Find a Job in a Nongovernmental Organization in the UK

The emergence of non-governmental organizations or NGOs in the UK can be traced back to Eglantyne Jebb, who founded Save the Children Fund in 1919. In 1942, Oxford University’s committee pushed the world of NGOs a notch higher by establishing Oxfam to cater for famine stricken European countries following economic upheavals brought about by World War II. The NGO sector today spreads across various social and economic landscapes. These include humanitarian, environmental and technology-oriented fields. Getting an NGO job in the UK is consequently possible in various ways irrespective of your professional background.

Venture into Volunteerism

Volunteer in an area with adverse social and economic impacts such as a war tone zone or a society ravaged by diseases, crime, rape cases or high-rate gender inequality trends. Leave the comfort of your home and live amongst the world’s poor. This enables you to get firsthand experience of what it means to be an NGO employee besides attaining the humanitarian crisis abatement skills that UK NGOs value above first-rate educational and professional achievements. Note that NGOs are not only interested in your ability to read, write, use computers and other machines or treat the sick; they also consider your capacity to adjust and work well in hardship areas before granting you the job, according to Forbes Magazine.

Sell your Skills and Professional Strengths

Don’t trumpet your achievements as a humanitarian above your professional and academic skills. Apply for UK NGO jobs considering that this set of skills is equally vital. Stating your level of educational and professional experiences can be helpful when applying to the UK’s leading NGOs, especially if you hail from career paths that deal with sensitive issues such as health, nutrition and law. Sell your ability to capture and speak various languages; this is an additional advantage for anyone in search of a well-paying NGO job anywhere in the world, the UK included.

Consider Internship Stints

Build your network within the UK NGO sphere by taking on non-governmental organizations’ internship jobs whether they come with minimal remuneration or no pay at all. Accept long working hours. Demonstrate your dedication and commitment to NGO-oriented missions and get favorable letters of recommendation from established non-governmental setups. Make yourself marketable by expanding your local NGO expertise besides proving that you’ve attained maturity and judgment dexterity that’s integral to the delivery of top-notch NGO assignments.

Finally Express Cultural Competence

Apply for UK NGO job opportunities using a CV, a cover letter, educational and professional documents that validate your ability to take on foreign cultures without a problem. Do this by stating that you’re not allergic to exotic foods or weather in countries or regions where you expect the organization to assign you. Note down your personal etiquettes such as the ability to learn fast and maintain self-composure in the face of violence or extreme human suffering. Elaborate on survival skills that you may have acquired as a scout, a girl guide or in day-to-day life encounters since all these increase your chances of landing lucrative non-governmental jobs in the UK.

Have you ever worked for an NGO? What was the application process like? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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