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How to Find a Job in China

During recent years, China has experienced the fastest growing economy in the world. With the current recession negatively impeding the hiring process in a majority of Western countries, China has continued to develop significantly. That expansion has necessitated hiring a wide variety of skilled professional foreign workers. This article will share some steps on how to find a job in China.

Steps to Finding a Job in China

1. Gain Official Access to the Country

The first step for individuals seeking to work in China is to gain official access into the country by obtaining a work visa, which is called a “Z Visa”. The work visa is obtained by the employer you’ll be working for, prior to your entrance to the country. You will need to have a valid passport with 15 months or more left before its expiration date in order to obtain the visa. has some helpful information on how to obtain a work visa in China.

2. Networking Can Lead to Success

Chinese culture differs in some respects from the culture of the US and other Western countries. Developing your professional network is important and in China this is known as “guanxi”. Their culture dictates that personal relationships are a vital factor in the way business is conducted. One major difference between China and the US, for example, is that sending an unsolicited resume to a Chinese company is not preferred. Rather, much more credence is placed on taking the time to cultivate a relationship with a representative of the company you’d like to work for. After developing this amiable professional relationship, you can then network for a position in the company. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • For example, you can begin to cultivate your “guanxi” or network by obtaining a visitor permit to China and spending time in the city where you have decided to work. Your goal is to immerse yourself into the local culture as much as possible in a several-week-time period. Be sure to have your business cards handy while you are networking. Remember to have a dual-sided card where one side is in English and the other in Chinese. Don’t forget to also utilize Chinese business and job groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Chinese business communities on Google+.

3. Search the Online Job Boards

There are a wide variety of job boards that you can search to find the specific jobs in China which are the best fit for your current career goals. Some of those sites have been listed below.

  • – Living and working in China guide for foreign workers
  • – Leading English language job board for expats and foreigners
  • – Information on working and living in China for foreign workers
  • – Job opportunities in China for foreign workers


  • – Lists employment opportunities for bilingual candidates
  • FindWorkAbroad – Lists teaching jobs from over 600 employers in China

Some of the job boards have listings in Chinese, but most have an English translation. In regard to your resume, it would be good to have two versions, one in English and the other translated into Chinese.   

4. Teaching and Being Taught

China is one of the countries where foreign educators have been living and working in for many years. The salary for these positions is usually more minimal than in the US and will likely cover only basic living expenses. However, it is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door working in a new country. has a salary calculator for teaching positions in China. The second option for individuals interested in receiving an education, is to apply for a student visa and then attend a Chinese college or university. This offers an opportunity for students to work in an internship program during school or after graduation. A successful internship can lead to a possible employment opportunity in the company where you interned. Having a mindset that is continually adhering to the “guanxi” philosophy will open up possible new career opportunities.

Finding a job in China begins with adhering to the current regulations in regard to obtaining a work visa. Appreciating the “guanxi” networking philosophy is also important. Checking out the available job listings on the online employment boards is another viable option. Other options are to venture into the educational field to obtain a teaching job or decide to attend university and then intern in China.


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