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How to find a Job in Marketing

Competition for marketing jobs is fierce. The most important thing is to stand out from the crowd. A postgraduate or bachelor’s degree is almost a must today for one to find a job as a marketer. One also needs specific skills to succeed in a marketing career. Employers require creativity, ability to work under pressure and good communication skills to judge your competency. Explore beyond the traditional ways of finding a job to reach your goal.

Get Qualified

While you may be good at delivering customer service and meeting targets, a degree in marketing gives you an added advantage. Most entry-level positions, which are a good way to gain experience, require marketing-related credentials. Apply to be a professionally certified marketer to prove you have mastered core marketing principals. These certifications vary from one country to another. For example, in the United States, you can earn certifications from bodies such as the American Marketing Association, among others.

Send Job Applications

The most straightforward way to find a marketing job is to apply for as many as are advertised. Because the industry is competitive, enroll the services of a professional to compile outstanding curriculum vitae. Drop copies to recruitment agencies and your college’s school of business, who might sometimes make referrals to companies. Ensure that you have what it takes to work as a marketer before applying. These include skills such as interpretation of market data, creative thinking, problem solving and strong research skills.

Request for a Graduate Scheme

Many large companies offer marketing assistances and graduates schemes to prepare them for professional roles. The schemes, which are similar to an internship, provide you an all-around training and places you at an advantage should a position arise in the company. Through their resources websites, organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing – a global professional marketing body – provide a list of businesses that offer marketing placements or schemes.

Take a Transferable Job

Most marketers do not start out in marketing. They transfer from other areas of business such as customer service and sales. Apply for a non-marketing role available in your company of interest, and use your transferable skills that fit well into marketing to later move from within. Be on the lookout for any marketing opportunities, be patient and work on your transferable skills to make them sellable.

Network with Marketers

The president of Career Horizons cites that approximately 80 percent of jobs are not advertised, and this is especially so for marketing positions. Most companies prefer to work with familiar, tried and tested employees to deal with their customers. Attend marketing events, register with marketers’ groups, and work with your former college and classmates for referrals. Join networks that give you access to industry representatives and offer to write articles for marketing magazines for free to get your name out there.

Marketing is a promising, exciting and multi-faceted career that continues to grow as businesses become more competitive. A career in marketing can range in anything from sales, media planning, advertising and public relations. Once you land a marketing job of your dreams, stability is only guaranteed through continuous study and academic growth.

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