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How to Find a Job in Renewable Energy in the UK

renewable energy

The UK has made a long term commitment to making the world more energy efficient. Part of this commitment includes funding the low-carbon emissions sector in an effort to create green jobs for dedicated renewable energy experts. The renewable energy plan set in motion by the UK in 1990 is set to achieve an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. This ambitious goal has caused the job market in this sector to surge; here are some tips to help you secure a position in the renewable energy field...

Job Creation Outlook

The lofty goals set forth by Parliament have caused an increase in renewable energy projects across the nation. The first being research, development, and installation of renewable energy resources such as wind turbines. According to expert Stephen Wyatt of Carbon Trust, by 2025 from 80,000 - 230,000jobs will be created in the offshore wind sector and another 60,000 will be created in the tidal and wave energy sector.

Core Skills Required

Scientists and engineers are currently the most sought after by renewable energy companies. These individuals will be working closely together to develop innovative yet affordable renewable energy products for projects across the UK. Since offshore wind turbines will be the main source of low carbon emissions for the UK, engineers and scientists should have a background in automotive, gas, oil, manufacturing or mechanical industries.

Business and finance specialists are also in high demand. These individuals will be responsible for keeping the industry productive, commercial, and financially successful. Proper business management is critical since the goals set forth by the government have specific deadlines that must be met and budget funds that must be properly allocated.

Skilled Laborers will also be in high demand for renewable energy jobs. Those in the construction industry looking to make the jump to environmental construction should become certified for green energy related specialties. The best way to follow the "green" path as a skilled worker is to work as an apprentice. 

Internships for Graduates

For recent graduates, having a master’s degree in offshore engineering would be especially attractive to potential employers. But securing an internship with a renewable energy company can also aid you in securing full time employment in the low carbon emissions sector. The most sought after are available through companies like British Gas, GE, and Siemans. 

The higher level of your degree the better, engineers and scientist have the best chances of becoming PhD sponsored by a renewable energy company. Aquamarine Power in Belfast will not only sponsor your PhD, they will also hire you immediately upon graduating. 

Determining which route you would like to take in order to secure a job in the renewable energy sector is often the most difficult part. Since there are a wealth of different types of positions available, from finance to skilled labor, almost any career can qualify you for a job in the low carbon emissions sector; the key is to tailor your current skills so that they are green-centric by garnering environmental certifications or continuing your education to secure a renewable energy degree.

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