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How to Find a Job in Technical Support

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A tech support career is actually a pretty good option for those who have little or no job experience or a degree to speak of. The salary may not be the best around--it’s estimated at around $40,000 or so per year--but it’s still a pretty decent entry-level job to consider.

Sure, it’s fast-paced and highly stressful, and you have to deal with irate customers all the time. But if you want to start working in the IT world, it may be a good place to consider working at a young age in order to gain experience.

How to Find a Job in Technical Support

# 1: Brush up that resume

The great thing about tech support jobs is that you DON’T need much previous experience or a degree. Most of the training will come after you are hired, and most recruiters aren’t looking for experience. What they DO want is someone who is good with people, who can perform under stress, and who is organized. Your resume should be tailored to show these skills. Talk about times in your past when you handled high-stress situations, helped someone resolve a problem, or met a demand in style. Organize your resume so that it’s neat and easy to read--the recruiter will love it!

# 2: Find tech support jobs

There are many places you can search to find that ideal tech support job, including:

These are all good sites to check out, but they’re not the ONLY options.

If you go to Google and type "tech support jobs", you’ll find that there are many companies hiring tech support experts. Companies like Dell, McAfee, Unisys, EMC, and Apple are always hiring, and you can click through to the specific websites and see what each company is offering.

# 3: Apply for the job

Most of the tech support job applications will be available online, so all you need to do is fill out the form, provide the required documents (CV, resume, cover letter, etc.) and submit the form via the website. Remember that you’re interviewing for a TECH job, so if you can’t figure out how to fill out a simple application form online, how are you going to help others solve their tech problems? Make sure your application is free of errors!

# 4: Prepare for your interview

The tech support company may take a few days (up to 10) to get back to you, so you should take advantage of the time to prepare for your interview. Do your homework on the company you’re applying to, and find out everything you can about them and their products. Bring a few questions to ask your employer, as this will show that you are an active, intelligent professional. Don’t misrepresent yourself, but be as open and honest as possible with your answers.

Check out the myriad articles we’ve got available on interviews and interview prep! With our help, you’ll be ready for that meeting in no time.

# 5: Ace that interview

Go to the interview, talk to the recruiter, show your confidence, and prepare to start working!


Tech support jobs are some of the easiest to land, so don’t sweat it! With the advice above, you’ll land a job in this field in no time!

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