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How to Find a job Using a Recruiter

If you are looking for employment, don’t avoid the help of a recruiter. To land that job, you need to know how recruiters operate and how to choose the right one. Most recruiters try to find talented and skilled individuals and will call you once it is confirmed that you are looking for a job. While, you may think that a recruiter is a nuisance when you receive that phone call, it may be to your advantage to give the recruiter a chance. Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to change careers, a recruiter may be your best bet, especially in these tough economic times.

Some companies will contract a recruiter to find the best candidate that will match the company’s immediate needs. Recruiters usually rely on your skills to help you to fill that position. The company that uses a recruiter is at an advantage because they will usually get to interview the most qualified candidates.

Making it Easier

This unique process will help the company’s interviewer to get to you faster because it eliminates so many resumes from the interviewing process. How? The recruiter does the pre-screening of all candidates. You learn what the salary is upfront as well as the job description. The company usually assesses your resume before you get to the interview. So by the time, the recruiter announces that you will be interviewing with the company, you already know that the company likes what they see on your resume.

The recruiter will prep you on the company’s expectation. By the time you arrive at the interview, you will be well prepared and most likely, if you meet the company’s expectations, you will land the job. If it is a temporary position, recruiters will make the decision to send you on the assignment, if you meet the requirements and skill set.

What to Look for?

If you decide to use a recruiter on your own and have not necessarily been contacted by one, what should you look for? It is a simple answer. Use the services of a recruiter who takes time to find out and understand what your career goals are. For example, if you are looking for a Web Designer job, you would want to work with a recruiter who knows that market. You always want to make sure that the recruiter has close connections with companies in your particular area.

You have an advantage compared to other candidates because the company’s human resource office goes through myriads of resumes once a position is advertised. With the recruiter, you stand a better chance of getting your foot in the door rather than having your resume thrown in the trash can before you get an opportunity to prove your worth. If you were to submit your resume directly to the company, there would be too much competition. Moreover, you would have no direct contact with the hiring manager. The recruiter, on the other hand, has direct contact and can call anytime to get feedback or information from HR.

So, in summary, a recruiter is your ‘wild card,’ to finding and landing that well-needed job. Companies contract them to find people like you. So before you turn your nose up at that option, seek a recruiter to help you with your job search. It may work out to be a lot easier on you.

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