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How to Find a Job Using Google+

What is Google+?

Google+ is a social network that currently has more than 10 million users. Google+ can be used to help you find employment in a number of ways. Below is a guide on how to improve your chances of finding employment with Google +:

Create a profile

Create a Google+ profile by filling out your details in a way that will increase your visibility amongst employers. Be sure to include your industry, as well as any related keywords in your search, in order to appear in relevant searches.

Use Circles

Originally used as a way to interact with friends and family, the Circles feature has evolved and now enables users to connect with influential people, including top executives and industry professionals. You can also share your CV with recruiters and follow companies, to enhance the chances of your application being found.

Announce your Availability

Once your profile is complete and you have established a strong network, inform your contacts that you are in search of employment. This can be achieved by either mentioning it in the About section of your profile, or by posting an announcement stating that you are looking for new challenges in your career.

Highlight your talents and skills

Find opportunities to highlight your skills and talents


Use Google+ to engage with many people. This will help you to come across many people in the recruitment industry and potentially gain an online interview.

Share your best content


Share interesting and engaging content with the people in your circles. Be sure to maintain your Google+ account in order to ensure that you achieve genuine employment success. 

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