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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 20, 2014
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How to Find a Job When You are Pregnant

Working mothers are becoming more common. Twenty years ago, working when pregnant was almost considered taboo. It just didn’t happen. Thankfully, things have changed and it’s possible to find a job when you are pregnant. That doesn’t make it easy, though.

Despite the rules in place, companies can and still do discriminate against pregnant women en masse; and good luck trying to prove it. With this in mind, you can get a job whilst you’re pregnant. If you want some top tips on what you can do in this situation to increase your chances of success, keep reading.


Find a Firm Schedule

Your first obligation is to you and the little person growing inside you. The job should always finish second. You need to figure out how much time you’re going to need off and the hours you can work. Once you’ve got this information to hand, narrow down the number of jobs suitable for you. A lot of pregnant women have problems finding work because they’re applying for jobs that don’t have the right amount of flexibility for them.

Be Honest About Your Pregnancy

If you’re in the first trimester, nobody can tell that you’re pregnant unless you tell them.  Be honest with your employer about the fact you’re pregnant. Although it may seem worthwhile to not tell them since you’re under no legal obligation to, when they discover you need six months off in maternity leave they will feel you took advantage of them. And to be fair, you did.

Companies have been known to purposely look for reasons to fire someone because of this. When you think about it, can you blame them after they’ve been taken for a ride?

Market Yourself

Companies with recruitment periods lasting several months probably aren’t right for you. By the time they have a decision to hire you, you’ll already be taking your maternity leave. Your best bet is to first start marketing yourself. Leverage every professional connection you can. You have to find that company who needs an effective person like you yesterday. Those companies are willing to give you a chance, even if they know you’ll need to leave in a few months.

The key is demonstrating how useful you can be before you embark on having a baby.

A Plan of Action

Demonstrate to any potential employer you have a plan of action in place. An employer’s biggest fear is that you’ll let your personal responsibilities get in the way of your professional responsibilities. Compile a childcare plan and prove that you’re ready to return to work good and ready after your maternity leave. It will demonstrate that you’re professional and have their best interests at heart.

Don’t Get Desperate

Finally, you need the benefits a company can give you now, in relation to childcare. When you’re searching for a job, place an emphasis on the companies that can offer these great benefits. You need them now; not a few years down the line. At the same time, you don’t want to look at companies that offer no employee benefits at all.

You may want to get a job, but that doesn’t mean you have to jump at the first chance that comes along. You’re worth more than that. Everyone has a value and you know how much you’re worth and what you deserve. If you can’t find a company willing to hit those heights, turn away. You can always begin the job hunt again another time.

There’s nothing worse than working for a company that doesn’t assign you the value you deserve.

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